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  1. DustInDallas

    DustInDallas Member

    I have a Huawei Activa 4g, it is rooted. I have reason to believe that the system ROM has been reflashed. I don't want to get into the specifics as to why, but is there any way to download a system image and reflash it to this phone that is unmodded straight out of the box? Doesn't even need to be rooted.

  2. BlazingFire258

    BlazingFire258 Well-Known Member

    Yeah, its completely possible to do that (no root required).

    First, see if you can do this; hold down the UP Volume button and then hold the power button until a white screen goes on, it should say something like "Updating with tfupdate.img" and after a second it'll say "no tfupdate.img found, system will reboot now". if you can do that then you should be good.

    Now go to this website and click download and save; Downloads - Huawei Device Co., Ltd..

    It'll give you a zip file, extract and copy the folder called "image" on to the root of your Activa SD card.

    Now do the same thing I asked you to do in the beginning, hold the UP Vol button and the Power button and it should update your phone. It will take a while to complete and on your first boot it will take a long time to load. After that your phone should be restored back to how it was. Also, do a factory reset if you want to remove everything, the image only restores all apps in the ROM but doesn't remove user apps ftr. Hope this helps
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  3. DustInDallas

    DustInDallas Member

    This has been the best piece of advice I have received in a long time. I have fully restored the compromised phone!!!
  4. BlazingFire258

    BlazingFire258 Well-Known Member

    :D You're welcome! This phone is really low end so I've been tinkering and messing with it a lot in my free time. I've given it an almost exact ICS theme that I've personally made but I haven't released it yet. I'll release it when it's done. Glad to be of assistance

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