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Phone "mutes" after 10-15 seconds . . . and the person on the other end cannot hear meSupport

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  1. bimmerFAITH

    bimmerFAITH New Member

    I bought two of these phones yesterday and so far one works perfect and the other has an issue.

    The issue is that about 10 seconds into a call, both sent and received, the phone "mutes" and I can hear the person on the other end but the person on the other end cannot hear me.

    I tried restarting the phone, removing and replacing the battery and the old *22890 reprogramming and checked the firmware was current . . . no change.

    Any others with this issue? Fixes?

  2. pyrite123

    pyrite123 New Member

    Mine does this sometimes too...
  3. ThatonedudexP

    ThatonedudexP Well-Known Member

    I don't know how to fix it, but is it muting the exact time ur backlight goes off? Mine doesn't do that, but I've heard many Proclaim owners say there phone does. I'm not sure if it's even fixable.

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