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  1. tarponbeach

    tarponbeach Well-Known Member

    Just downloaded Phonemypc app from the market. Pretty nice app. It actually works better than logmein did on my old iPhone 3Gs. The best, is after the $9.95 charge for the app, there is no monthly fee.

    Very handy if you need to access anything on your desktop.

  2. F. Flinstone

    F. Flinstone New Member

    How do you hook it up to your PC? I've just downloaded the app From bittorrent and im bieng prompted for a user name and password.
  3. swabbot

    swabbot Member

    I believe you just download the desktop client from their website... you make the username and password.

    @ Tarpon Beach, does the new version support sound to your phone?
  4. Resun

    Resun Active Member

    No, it doesn't support sound yet. Supposedly it's coming shortly.
  5. Active Member

    I'm very sorry for our delay, and for not being more available on the forums. We've had our heads buried in code for many months now.

    But, the new release is out!

    It includes the first release of audio support (not only can you hear the PCs audio, but you can listen to an attached mic), better Webcam support, toolbars for easy option use and a whole lot more.

    For a full list of updates, see here:

    If you are a current customer and have updated your PC software to (released late last year), then your PC will have been auto-updated to the latest, If not, it is available on our site:

    The Android app is and is available on the Android Market and
  6. Demache

    Demache Well-Known Member

    I usually use android-VNC-viewer, pretty much because its free. It requires a lot more setting up though most likely, but works with any OS since VNC is pretty much standard across programs.
  7. dusty1300

    dusty1300 Member

    Huge +1 for PhoneMyPC. The new version is great. I wouldn't be without it. We have purchased 4 versions for my office.

  8. chetqwerty

    chetqwerty New Member

    I'm using on my PC and on my X and it cant wake my PC out of screen saver (which is blank). It will just freeze up with a blank screen on the PC itself and it either has to be rebooted or allowed to go to screen saver again to wake up by mouse movement. The phone will report a lost connection. I can reconnect but its still just a blank screen. I can get it to work by remotely waking up the PC with Teamviewer closing Teamviewer then starting up PhoneMyPC. PhoneMyPC works great as long as the PC's screen saver is not active. Any ideas?

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