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  1. Furrballz

    Furrballz Member

    Hi all, I bought a Supertooth HD on Friday, paired it, set it up, and then when trying to work out how to use it, the bluetooth informs me that my phone doesnt support voice activated bluetooth kits.

    I dont like headsets, they hurt my ears, so I have previously used a supertooth buddy with no issues... found the HD and now need a way around to activate voice on the phone to use it... or do I have to return it and find another one??

    Opinions and HELP welcome! lol

  2. Furrballz

    Furrballz Member

    I emailed Supertooth and they sent me the comprehensive manual and some tips on clearing the phone and bluetooth... reset them... re-paired and YAH!! I have a working hands free again!!!
    AWESOME sound, too!!

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