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Phone never asks for new Gmail passwordSupport

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  1. rpglegal

    rpglegal New Member

    Unlike those who change their GMAIL password, and then can't get the phone to work... I have the opposite problem. I have changed my GMAIL password twice in the last 6 months (once when I thought I had lost the phone, only to recover it the next day..).. and yet.. my Thunderbolt, running 2.3.4 has never asked for me to update it, and yet continues to sync to my GMAIL without issue? I have rebooted the phone several times over the last 6 months... nothing... Am I crazy or is this not a huge security issue?
    Is this a HTC issue? A Thunderbolt issue? or a Verizon Issue?

  2. mplevy

    mplevy Well-Known Member

    Did you configure the 2-factor authentication? That setup requires the Authenticator app on your phone for logging in to your account from a PC, and in order to configure your phone when you do a factory reset it requires that you use an "app-specific password" which does not change when your normal Google password changes.
  3. rpglegal

    rpglegal New Member

    Actually I had turned on 2 factor authentication over a year ago.. got tired of dealing with it and turned it off over 6 months ago... Found it more trouble than it was worth...

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