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Phone no longer Vibrates

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  1. darkworld260

    darkworld260 Well-Known Member

    Ok for some reason my evo no longer vibrates no matter what rom i am on. If i use the the up and down volume buttons and choose vibrate it will vibrate. but if my phone is asleep and i get a notification it wont vibrate. Any ideas on how to fix this cause i have no idea, why it will vibrate just fine when i put my phone into vibrate mode instead of silent or ringer but then i get no vibrate when i get a notification..

  2. L8AGIN

    L8AGIN Well-Known Member

    I had the same thing happen to me. I was using netarchy's burnt droid when i noticed my phone was no longer vibrating. I searched and found an app called sound manager which i was going to use while i searched for a solution. For whatever reason, after setting up sound manager to vibrate, my phone started vibrating again, even with the app off. I never figured out why it stopped vibrating, but give sound manager a try, hopefully it helps you too.
  3. Havoc40

    Havoc40 Well-Known Member

    My buddies phone I just rooted last week is having the same issue. Well, it's not vibrating at all, no matter what profile he's on. I just had him download sound manager but it's still not working. From what I've read, even stock phones have the problem as well. Something to do with the hardware. Think I'm going to wipe everything and reflash the rom to see if that fixes it. If not, it's unroot time and off to sprint.
  4. darkworld260

    darkworld260 Well-Known Member

    Your a god and for that i thank you!
  5. darkworld260

    darkworld260 Well-Known Member

    weird i changed roms and no longer vibrates again. im going to flash a couple of different kernels and try other things but let me know what sprint tells him if he takes it in please!
  6. aagron08

    aagron08 New Member

    My EVO was rooted using unrevoked. It worked great for a couple of days but know my phone wont vibrate anymore. If anyone has found a fix, that would be great. I've tried the sound manager technique and that didn't work. I unrooted my phone and that didn't work either. I'm all out of ideas 0_o
  7. SButler

    SButler Active Member

    Has anyone checked out Audio manager it worked for me.
  8. Lac9013

    Lac9013 New Member

    look for haptic feedback settings
  9. darkworld260

    darkworld260 Well-Known Member

    if i remember correctly i was using MIUI's rom and it didnt work until i switch to fresh or an Sense rom... So im not sure about you guys but i am running Koni's ELITE Series II right now and it vibrates just fine!
  10. vinniemac3

    vinniemac3 Well-Known Member

    im running elite 2 also but my phone still doesnt vibrate

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