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    RAGNAROK Member

    My phone is having a problem where if I lose network signal, I never get it back. It happens more frequently with data than phone, but both do occur. I've tried putting it into airplane mode and bringing it back out in hopes that it would search, but the only fix seems to be resetting the phone.

    System: 5.9.902.XT875.Verizon.en.US

    Anyone know a fix or workaround for this?


  2. Thom

    Thom Guides Guide

    Does this happen when you are in one location or a lot of different locations?

    Are there other Verizon users in the area where it is happening reporting the same problem?

    It seems odd that you would lose both data and voice.

    ... Thom

    RAGNAROK Member

    It happens in different places. Signal is super weak at one job, but really strong at home. Everyone at the other job has Verizon and no one else has this problem. My girlfriend has Verizon and she doesn't have this problem when we're in the same place.
  4. Thom

    Thom Guides Guide

    I suggest you take it to your Verizon store as soon as possible. Loss of voice is the killer since you have another Verizon phone that retains voice at the same location when you have lost voice.

    You and I both think we know what Verizon is going to say. Maybe they will surprise us with a new approach.

    I'd really like to know the outcome.

    ... Thom
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    RAGNAROK Member

    I'm much more likely to throw my phone at a wall and get a replacement than spend 3 hours at the Verizon store getting told nothing.
  6. Fulltime Traveler

    Fulltime Traveler Well-Known Member

    A few years ago, we had two identical Verizon feature phones. One of them started performing very poorly--it had very weak voice signal in the same locations that the other had a good signal. I took it to a local Verizon store. They looked at the signal strength meter on the bad phone and handed me a replacement.

    I hope the OP has the same experience.
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    RAGNAROK Member

    That's actually pretty encouraging. Approximately how long had you had the phone when this happened? I've had mine for about six months, but it just started acting up.
  8. Fulltime Traveler

    Fulltime Traveler Well-Known Member

    I believe that it was pretty close to the end of the one-year warranty period when they replaced it. As long as your phone is still under warranty, they will certainly replace it if they believe it is defective.
  9. Thom

    Thom Guides Guide

    Give it a try. Verizon jusst might surprise you.

    If it was data-only I'm sure they would tell you to do a System DAta Reset as part of the diagnosis. Since it is voice and data ... that just might surprise you.

    (When I upgraded on release date from my Droid X to my Bionic the sales person said ... and copy forward unlimited data ... I said sure ... I had't even thought of it until that point. Like I said ... you may be pleasantly surprised.

    ... Thom
  10. sgschwend

    sgschwend Well-Known Member

    I have also had very good support results too. I call support from my land line and they typically next day air phones/parts to me, all at no charge.

    The only problem I have had that took going to Motorola was obtaining the correct data cable for tethering. I think VZ's replacement parts database does not describe the cables well enough for them to know which one to send.

    I have even had cases (more than one) where they have sent me free accessories because I have kept working with them to solve problems.

    I like the phone support because they have a history file that they can read. The file can become very helpful on follow-on calls. I take a positive approach with them and the do the same with me.
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  11. johnlgalt

    johnlgalt Antidisestablishmentarian VIP Member

    Actually, the few times I have dealt with phone support has been awesome.

    The local VZW store, though - no. Never deal with them again. I'd rather endure a root canal and a hernia simultaneously instead....that would actually be less painful.

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