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  1. bubblegumnex

    bubblegumnex New Member

    Hey everybody.

    I'm currently running 2.1 on my Spica and recently have run into an issue. The phone won't lock. When I press the unlock button, it turns the screen on and I'm not prompted for a lock pattern, even though I set out up and have it required for unlocking the phone.

    I'm all out of ideas.

  2. LoganEV

    LoganEV New Member

    I have the exact same problem. It happened yesterday for no reason at all. I hit the hold button and it just comes up with the last screen I was on. There is no lock anymore. Have you found a solution yet?
  3. bubblegumnex

    bubblegumnex New Member

  4. bubblegumnex

    bubblegumnex New Member

    New developments on this! After this happened again I took a quick poke through the internet. It would appear that having a 3rd party task killer may be the cause of this issue. So, should you encounter this again, uninstall the task killer. I havn't been able to try this yet, as I just factory reset the phone.

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