Phone not recognized(remembered) by websites.

  1. fenrix

    fenrix Active Member

    Wether I'm on 3G or WiFi, websites won't recognize my phone & I have to enter sec. question answers if it requires recognizing the pc, like for the bank, this is also on facebook etc.

    I have not checked if this is true if I am running iceweasel on debian on the phone.

    I have a stripped mod, I removed all the gmail&google apps..

    Anyone else have this problem?
    It's annoying having to enter a security code from my email just to log into the bank every time because it wont recognize the phone...

  2. Petrah

    Petrah Psychotic Female Guide

    Do you have cookies enabled?
  3. fenrix

    fenrix Active Member

    Yes. Thet must be on in order to log in.
    I can choose "activate this device..." but it will never
    recognize it. So if I can, I leave the security feature off if the site lets me choose.
    My banks web site requires a code sent my email
    if its not recognized so I always have to go to my email
    to get the code,,over and over again.
    I'm going to backup, restart & install Linux, goto the website using iceweasel and see if it will recognize it after I log out.

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