Phone not recognized when in Download Mode (Odin)

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  1. OGToker96

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    Hey guys, I'm really looking for some help here, I recently cracked the screen on my primary phone (Kyocera Hydro) And now the screen is black, it's done for, So now I am using my old Samsung Replenish and am having lots of trouble while rooting it. It's running 2.3.6 stock Gingerbread, never been rooted, and I just can't get it to connect when it's in Download Mode?

    It says that I need to install the drivers for my "MSM7x27" I have searched the internet inside and out for those drivers and can't find it, However, My phone is recognized when turned on regular, and I can view files on it, transfer ect. like everything is normal. In order to root I have to put CWM On it, But that's where I'm stuck! I can't even connect it when i'm in download mode and the Odin Multi Downloader v4.42 (The one that I found in many trusted root guides) wont detect it either.


  2. argedion

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    not an odin user but you may need an older version as its an older phone?
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