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  1. dazek

    dazek Well-Known Member


    Over the last week my phone has stopped syncing with anything - googlemail, contacts, calender. The first time it was fixed with a restart but now that is not working.

    Even when I go to the sync page in settings and press 'sync all', nothing happens. I used to get the 'sync' circle spinning in the info bar at the top of the screen but it isn't even doing that.

    Have searched, but can't seem to find any info on this exact problem. Has anyone any ideas?



  2. Eris Ed

    Eris Ed Well-Known Member

    The only time the spinning sync icon refuses to spin is when my mobile internet/3G is turned off or is unavailable due to network problems.
  3. dazek

    dazek Well-Known Member

    could this be turned off on my phone?

    The H symbol is there and the internet and pop email working fine - its just all the google stuff that isnt
  4. MrCave

    MrCave Member


    Menu > Settings > Accounts & Sync

    What accounts are there under 'manage acounts' ?
  5. Eris Ed

    Eris Ed Well-Known Member

    Sounds like you have Mobile Internet enabled and working. So the problem is when you sync with Google (mail, contacts and calender)?

    Try this (as MrCave said above): Menu > Settings > Accounts & Sync. Is your Google account on the list? Select your Google account and check that all 3 options (calender, contacts, mail) are ticked. Press Sync Now at the bottom of the screen and see what happens....
  6. dazek

    dazek Well-Known Member


    In accounts and sync i have

    Facebook for HTC sense - on
    Flickr - on (daily)
    Googlemail - on (calender/contacts/mail)
    Twitter - on (4 hourly)
    weather - on (3 hourly)

    Interestingly, it hasn't updated since Tuesday midday - at this point I changed the flickr and twitter accounts to sync less often (as I was having battery problems). I can't see why this would affect it (although battery life has been really good since :))

    I cannot sync anything through sync (even twitter or flickr) - it is like the sync button is broken in all of them. have now also rebooted 3 times
  7. dazek

    dazek Well-Known Member

    bump - anyone got any ideas - now doing my head in :-(
  8. Heardy

    Heardy New Member

    Found this thread when I googled the same problem this morning, hoping for an answer.. but managed to sort it out a short while later.

    At the time of the non-syncing issue - I had the little icon on the notification bar saying that my storage was low (I'm Unrooted, T-mobile - so no apps on Memory card yet)
    Anyway - I deleted an app which took me back down to an acceptable level for the notification to disappear, and straight away the sync icon came on and it did its thing!

    Hope this helps those unrooted souls with barely any room on their phone memory...
  9. dazek

    dazek Well-Known Member


    Yep this was the problem - I worked it out in the end. Strangely know one seemed to know the answer - not even HTC! I was only just over the line for the low space reminder to come up
  10. deborama

    deborama New Member

    thanks so much to the poster above who noted that the problem occured when the low storage space icon was there...soon as I deleted enough to make that go away, everything synced automatically again, woohoo!

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