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Phone not turning onSupport

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  1. Deathtopia

    Deathtopia New Member


    My phone recently decided to randomly turn itself off, And has since not allowed itself to turn back on.

    When holding the power button the handset vibrates, but nothing else happen's.

    Also when connecting it to PC Companion, It detects the phone then drops the connection over and over...

    Please help, I'd like to be able to keep this handset.

    The Phone is a Xperia Play, Black with a 16GB memory card, And has been regularly updated though PC companion.

  2. Deathtopia

    Deathtopia New Member


    The phone now turn's on, And works somewhat, I can receive calls :p

    I think the screen is FUBAR, It's all particoloured and pixellated.

    Anyone know the best way to get warranty repairs?
  3. Katerina111

    Katerina111 New Member

    Hi.Try contacting sony ericsson support. They do warranty repairs for free and they extend the warranty.
  4. tezlewis1988

    tezlewis1988 Member

    Hi Katerina111, you said that they extend the warranty, what does that mean? i had problems with my phone last month it was under warranty, it was beyond repair so they replaced it for a like for like unit, if it does break down again, does the warranty still carry on from my last phone (which was 2 years warranty) or do you get longer now that they gave me a new phone?

    i hope you know what i mean,

    thanks in advance

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