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Phone Number Pad Does Not work after connectingSupport

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  1. jerryciesla

    jerryciesla New Member

    Ever since I got my Samsung Gem (2 months ago) I cannot get the number pad to work when I have made a phone call that requires me to use the number pad after the call has connected. The screen blinks on off when it's on the number pad and when I put the screen back in view, it does not give me enough time to hit a number in calls where you get instructions like..."press 1 for pharmacy, key in your prescription number, etc. Please help.

  2. jerryciesla

    jerryciesla New Member

    PROBLEM SOLVED. My third visit to a Verizon store lead me to an employee who figured out the problem. On this particular smart phone, if any of your fingers go above the number pad display, it triggers a sensor that turns the screen off. Move those fingers down and the screen reappears, raise those fingers and it again disappears. So the simple solution is to be sure that none of your fingers go higher than the number pad when you are using it. Hope this is helpful to others with a Samsung Gem.

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