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  1. nunyabizness

    nunyabizness Well-Known Member

    Hi all! I've been out of the Android loop for a few years...I won't say where I went. ;)

    I just bought my sister a nice used Dinc2 from Craigslist. Since she's only 14 and all she knows how to do on her phone is get on facebook and text, I wanted to get her on the latest version of Android for the Dinc2, which I thought was ICS. However, when I "check new" under the Software Update menu, I get "No new update available." I just activated the phone on her line this morning; will it become available after being activated for awhile? Hoping I didn't get a phone with issues. :confused:

  2. valorian

    valorian Well-Known Member

    Unfortunately, HTC never released ICS for this phone.
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  3. nunyabizness

    nunyabizness Well-Known Member

    What?! What douches! lol
  4. valorian

    valorian Well-Known Member

    If you are willing to root the phone there are a lot of very good custom ICS ROMs you can install. Check through the All Things Rooted section above.

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