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  1. dm33

    dm33 Well-Known Member

    My Incredible usually just rings once. If I pick it up, it says the person is still calling, but the phone isn't ringing. There's some setting about stop ringing when you pick it up. I do not have that set, so it should keep ringing to matter what.

    It is not consistent. Sometimes it just rings once.

    Any ideas?
    Anyone else have this problem?

  2. Shoop

    Shoop Active Member

    Mine does this sometimes as well. I noticed it usually occurs when the call is from the same person who last called. My problem is also not consistent.
  3. Tomadoggy

    Tomadoggy New Member

    While looking for a solution to this same issue I came across this thread...No resolution yet but consistent behavior for me. Call is still incomming, but the ringer only cycles one time. Things I have tried:

    *Moved all my ringtones from SD back to system/media/audio/ringtones (previously moved to save space but was functioning well with many other ROM's)
    *Tried multiple ringtones
    *Fixed permissions via ROM manager
    *Tried multiple kernals

    Maybe related, currently on 2.2 ROM (Using NEXFRO) Moto Droid
    Maybe related, not able to hear the new "Screen Lock Sounds"

    Any help or new ideas are welcomed
  4. Tomadoggy

    Tomadoggy New Member

    Found the answer...Ring delay in default.prop needs to be >100
  5. Shoop

    Shoop Active Member

    Could you explain how this is done?

  6. NightAngel79

    NightAngel79 Bounty Hunter Administrator Moderator

    +1 how is it done? w/ astro?
  7. joefanelli

    joefanelli Active Member

    I do apologize for this most late response but I too had this problem and it was not the ringer delay (which btw is done in build.prop not default.prop and is coded into the system area of the file with string "ro.telephony.call_ring=500") it was the .ogg files meta data. Thanks to "siwahem" at XDA for this!

    - Download and install Audacity (
    - Open the ringtone file in Audacity, note you can use mp3/wav files as well, Audacity can convert them into OGG.
    - Select Open Metadata Editor for the File Menu
    - Add a new tag called ANDROID_LOOP and set the value to 'true'.
    - Click OK
    - Select Export from the File Menu and select the Save As Type format as Ogg Vorbis Files.
    - Click OK through File Save and Metadata dialogue window.
    - Copy the new ringtone file onto your phone, reboot and enjoy

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