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  1. vballmom

    vballmom New Member


    I need help changing a setting on my phone. When my phone is plugged in, it will play a sound when it is 100% done charging it will play a sound. This can be very annoying in the middle of the night.

    Can someone please give me the steps or advice to change this setting, as I have searched through the menus and can't find somewhere where charging is associated with a notifcation/sound.


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  2. BigLeagueChew

    BigLeagueChew Member

    Sounds > Notification ringtone > Android > Silent
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  3. damewolf13

    damewolf13 live~laugh~love VIP Member

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  4. vballmom

    vballmom New Member

    But I don't want it silent the whole time, I only want the notificaiton when charged to be "silent". I don't believe that it played a notification when the battery was completely charged when I first got the phone. It seems to have changed.
  5. BigLeagueChew

    BigLeagueChew Member

    Do you need to hear the phone for other reasons while you sleep? Otherwise this is how you turn off that sound.

    You can also just set your phone to vibrate mode or silent only, or just simply turn the volume down on the side control of your phone.

    Changing the notification sound to silent would still let you hear ringtones and text messages as far as I know.

    Your other option is going to settings > sound > volume . It gives you a list of all your volume setting levels.

    i don't beleive there is a setting where you can just turn off the battery charging sound as this is considered a notification.
  6. oggologgo

    oggologgo New Member

    This is a very annoying issue for me too. I always charge my phone at night, and this notification wakes me up.

    The only options to change is Incoming calls and Notifications, and setting notifications to silent, will also mean you won't hear when you receive text messages.

    Even if text messages are not important during the night, I do not want to have to go change those settings every night and morning, and having to install some app to deal with it, is not really optimal.

    I hope this can be resolved.

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