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Phone powered off even though plugged in and charging?Support

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  1. simonorman

    simonorman New Member

    So I always plug my phone in at night so I will wake up to my alarm, but this morning my wife woke me up because I'd apparently slept through it. Confused I went to check my phone, but it had "died" during the night. It took a bit longer than usual to power on, but now everything seems normal. I know it had plugged in properly (screen popped on and usb chime sounded) and was powered on when I went to bed. Any reason this would happen? Now I don't feel I can trust it as my alarm... I've got Gingerbread UCKL1, Android 2.3.6. Any help is appreciated!

  2. warriorlan1

    warriorlan1 New Member

    I've had my glide captivate for about 2 months now and I've loved it so far. It used to be that it would occasionally turn off after charging it at night, but that wasn't too much of a bother for me. All of a sudden every time I plug the thing in, the screen turns all yellow and there are broken black lines and the thing just crashes and turns off. Please help me
  3. euro1990

    euro1990 Active Member

    Similar crashes for me and the wife lately. But for us, the phones are totally off and require a battery pull to get them to turn back on. Definitely not cool when you rely on the alarm. We love the phones otherwise...
  4. warriorlan1

    warriorlan1 New Member

    I called up AT&T and they had me do a factory reset on the phone and the problem still persisted. It is most likely a defect in the phone or the battery, not anything application wise.
  5. DudeJB

    DudeJB Member

    Try turning off WIFI when you set it to charge over night. See if that solves your problem. There seems to be a sleep death issue with WIFI on some GLides. Over on XDA we have been trying different Roms to see if this gets fixed but some users still complain it occurs at times.

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