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  1. Chuckp1973

    Chuckp1973 Member

    Ok, new problem with my TU. The phone isn't working. The phone rings, and I swipe to answer, and the party on the other end can hear me, however I can't hear anything. Also when calling out I can't hear the phone ringing or anything, however speaker phone works just fine. I've done a full factory reset and tried updating everything, still no luck. Any ideas??

  2. niteNarmor

    niteNarmor Well-Known Member Contributor

    When you receive a call, press the volume up key on the side of the phone. It will pop up on screen - In Call Volume. It may accidentally be set to lowest setting.
  3. Chuckp1973

    Chuckp1973 Member

    In call volume is maxed, and mute is off. Speaker phone works fine, its just the regular "phone" that isn't working. I can't hear anything, including the other line ringing when I dial out, but they can hear me...
  4. mydian

    mydian Well-Known Member

    Maybe the speaker went bad.
  5. xaelith

    xaelith Well-Known Member

    +1. A good way to check this is: a) try speakerphone (which you have), and b) connect a headset. If both work fine, then the earpiece speaker is bad.

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