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  1. blunik125

    blunik125 New Member

    Anyone else have trouble placing calls with Thunderbolt? I repeatedly have to wait from 15 seconds to today's 15 minutes to have a call go through. I hit the contact number, get black screen w/status bar at top and then nothing. It just hangs there. Today I had to pull the battery to get the phone to reboot after it refused to call. Once in awhile I get android phone process force close message, but not often. Mostly it just takes FOREVER to dial out. Not rooted, running call log trimmed so not backed up log data, no task managers, driving me crazy enough that I'm thinking iPhone is next. My OG Droid had phone process issue too and was replaced twice and same issue recurred... Anyone hear of this?

  2. KLF

    KLF Member

    I occasionally have this happen, but it is only about 5 seconds before it goes through. It might be an update or install is happening in the background. It happens so infrequent I haven't tried to diagnose the problem.

    You might want to turn off automatic updates in each of your apps and see if it makes a difference. I once had over 300 apps thanks to Amazons free app of the day. I am down to 150 or so and a lot of my problems have gone away.
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  3. blunik125

    blunik125 New Member

    I'll need to see how many apps I have, prob close to 150...
    The delay is always at least 5 seconds, and then when it's bad it takes longer. The other day was worst ever.
    I really don't have much auto updating as far as I know.... Really only apps that I need notifications from are set on auto.

    I'm sincerely thinking about leaving android... It's so frustrating. I really don't want to reset the phone to fix it, it takes so long to get things back the way they were...

    I'm glad to know someone else has experienced this, just would like to find someone who has the same frequency and a fix!
  4. Thunder22

    Thunder22 Well-Known Member

    Turn off background data temporarily and see if problem still happens.

    On another topic: you have 150 apps? do you really use that many?
  5. KLF

    KLF Member

    Half of them are bloatware.
  6. blunik125

    blunik125 New Member

    I'm sure I don't use them all, 150 is likely an exaggeration... I don't even know where to look for a count! I started removing some today that I don't use. Will see if it helps... I'm not overly optimistic though. I just sort of hate this phone now, between not being able to make calls and the battery dying after ridiculously short times I'm all but done. Upgrade date 11/17, hoping I can talk the hubby into making iPhone 5 happen....

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