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Phone Randomly Shuts Down and Battery Level Gone CrazySupport

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  1. yujinn

    yujinn Member

    After a month of working fine, and roughly a week after upgrading to 2.3.4, my phone suddenly have these problems:
    - I would frequently find my phone shut down/ turned off whenever I pull it out from my pocket (when turning back on, it will display the usual startup screen with HTC logo)
    - Battery indicator would jump from (for example) 80% to suddenly 15%, and after reboot, goes back to around 80%
    - Whenever battery level goes down suddenly, the built-in "Battery Use" graph would not reflect it. I found that it does show the new level after doing a refresh, and it shows on the graph the battery suddenly dropping to the low level at the same point in time.
    - Sometimes the phone would suddenly shut down while I'm playing games.
    - I noticed that the problem does not happen if the phone is just sitting on the desk.

    Is it overheating problem with the phone components or the battery itself or both? I want to know also if it is a problem with the battery itself (which is easy to solve) or the part on the phone that interacts with the battery.
    I want to know if it is a permanent damage done on the phone- because it was not behaving that way before, with the same conditions of use- or just the battery gone bad.

    Has anyone experienced the same? What did you do to fix it?

  2. yujinn

    yujinn Member

    Here is a screenshot of battery info with the level dropping off instantly after restarting from a sudden shutdown:

  3. master_yoda

    master_yoda Well-Known Member

    Havnt seen that one before :eek:

    Did you install any new apps around the time it started playing up? If you did try uninstalling them and see how you go.

    If not, I would probably try this before contacting HTC..

    1)Run battery down flat.
    2)Remove back off phone and take out battery.
    3)Make sure all contacts on battery are clean.
    4)Put battery back in, then put back cover on.
    5)Charge phone on mains while its switched off until battery full.
    6)Turn phone on.
    7)Do a factory reset.
    8)Cross fingers for luck. :D

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  4. yujinn

    yujinn Member

    I did install some apps but then it was already 2 days after when the problem started. I also uninstalled them already but to no avail.

    1)Run battery down flat. - WILL TRY
    2)Remove back off phone and take out battery. - DONE
    3)Make sure all contacts on battery are clean. - DONE
    4)Put battery back in, then put back cover on. - DONE
    5)Charge phone on mains while its switched off until battery full. - WILL TRY
    6)Turn phone on.
    7)Do a factory reset. - WILL TRY :-(
    8)Cross fingers for luck. - BEEN DOING IT
  5. Ivanix

    Ivanix New Member

    Hey dude, did you solve the problem with your phone?

    I have the same bug since this week :(
  6. yujinn

    yujinn Member

    No luck. I've been wanting to replace the battery to see if that's the problem but it's hard to get replacements from where I am :-(
  7. gibbs1984

    gibbs1984 Well-Known Member

    Doubt it's the battery because I have the same problem although it's not that frequent and I have an Anker battery.
  8. yujinn

    yujinn Member

    Thanks for this. I'll probably ask a friend to exchange batteries for a day (so long he doesnt have the same problem), so that should give a definitive answer whether it's the battery or not.

    One thing I noticed also is that it started only after upgrade to 2.3.4- although not immediately after (the problem started around less than a week after the upgrade)
  9. hh401

    hh401 New Member

    Looks like we're all having the same problem. I've got the HTC Sensation too, and the last two nights, even after charging fully, the charge level seems to have dropped so suddenly that by lunch time, my phone was turning itself off. Is there a bug going around, or something?
  10. bennyboy456

    bennyboy456 New Member


    I was having exactly the same problems as detailed above with my HTC sensation
    However a factory reset solved the problem completely!

    But only for a week or so, the same problem is happening again!! >:-(
  11. peterc10

    peterc10 Well-Known Member

    Try removing all the apps you have put on and then re-introduce them one by one to see if that has any effect. On another thread somebody said he removed FriendStream and so far it has not happened again. He is going to report back when he has tried it for longer.
  12. bigst3

    bigst3 New Member

    ive got the same problem with mine, but ive checked through the forums and people say it crashes once or twice a day where as mine probably crashes for up to 40 times an hour, as soon as it shuts down ill switch it back on and the battery level goes from say 90% to 60% and everytime it resets it shows a different battery level... its annoying because it can take up to 3 hours before i can actually get my phone on for longer than 10 mins :(
  13. BigJT1979

    BigJT1979 Member

    Exact same problem has started with my sensation today. no idea why, was down to 25% battery by 13:00 this afternoon after very minimal use. have since charged to full when i got in from work, and have lost 15% in the space of 10 minutes.

    the sync function has stopped working, and random shut downs have started. 3 error reports sent to HTC so far today.

    had sensation less than a month...not impressed!!!!
  14. ksnyder86

    ksnyder86 New Member

    Having the same problem with mine and I just got it yesterday. It only happens when I've got the phone in my pocket it seems. Complete failure of a phone so far.
  15. R Deep Singh

    R Deep Singh Well-Known Member

    Same problem with mine aswell unfortunately, I have an anker battery aswell. Battery was absolutely amazing for a few weeks and now won't even last a whole day.
  16. Supersaukko

    Supersaukko New Member

    I have the same problem and have found a solution for it. The Sensation shuts down when it changes to 2G GSM network. I found this out when I thought it might have something to do with the bad 3G singal in my house, so I changed my phone to 2G only mode and it couldn't stay on for more than 10 seconds. Then I tried to put it on 3G WCDMA only and it hasn't shut down since. It has worked for 5 days now. To change this go to the mobile network menu in settings and change the Network mode to WCDMA only. I'm still going to send my phone to maintenance though.
  17. bennyboy456

    bennyboy456 New Member

    Thank you so much! I have been taking my phone out of my pocket to find it turned off mulitple times a day, with the battery level going crazy for for almost a month now. Have factory reset it, looked at buying a new battery, started deleting apps incase they were causing it to crash, phoned up t-mobile, but was getting anywhere!
    Did what you recommended with changing the network settings 2 days and haven't had any problems since!

    Thanks, this frustrating problem seems to be fixed, fingers crossed!
  18. bennyboy456

    bennyboy456 New Member

  19. Calgarygirl

    Calgarygirl New Member

    This is my second phone in 5 weeks. Works fine for two week then shuts off and battery is only at 2%. Has been fully charged and not used. There are no applications running and nothing has been downloaded. All setting are set to off. Bell Canada will not switch and says I have try a new battery - I don't think it is a battery problem as the same thing happend with the last brand new phone. How do I get Bell to switch to new phone? This phone is not reliable:mad:
  20. alek_73

    alek_73 Well-Known Member

    If you got the same on 2 phones, likely it is a bad application installed by you or a customization by Bell. On my unbranded phone I don't have the issue .
  21. lukinbw

    lukinbw New Member

    I have a Bell HTC Sensation as well and am also having the random shutdowns. I don't experience the same battery problems though. I tried setting my preferred network mode to 'WCDMA only' as a poster suggested above, but it didn't work for me. What did seem to work was installing LauncherPro and setting it as the default launcher. I haven't had any problems since.
  22. swisslegacy

    swisslegacy New Member

    did you guys get fixed your crashing problems?
    i've bought my sensation in september.. after 4 weeks beeing happy with my phone it started crashing and showing the same battery drop as some of you mentioned. after a lot of mailing with htc service i've received a new battery 2 weeks ago.. i've never experienced crashes anymore.. until this morning! since then it crashed about 10 times.. almost no chance for using the phone properly. it appears to me that htc doesn't have a reasonable answer for this "bug".. all i've heard was: do a soft reset, hard reset, change the battery, uninstall all your application..
    that's not what i call good service:( touch wood my girlfriends desire s has non of those problems!
    i hope that htc can soon present a reliable solution.. i've had an iphone for 2 years and never experienced those crashes!

    please send your suggestions to avoid sensational crashes :) ..i don't want to switch back to apple ;)
  23. peterc10

    peterc10 Well-Known Member

    It may be a rogue app. Back up all your apps (use Astro). The remove all apps. Then introduce them one by one until the problems start occurring again. Or try to think what you installed or started to use when the problem started or restarted. That may give you a clue as to what may be the problem.
  24. swisslegacy

    swisslegacy New Member

    i haven't installed any new apps in the last 2 weeks. i've got my standard apps such as weather pro, what's app and that's it.
    the problem started without any sign of a reason.. i've received two different and both useless advises from the htc technicians.. i guess i need to show all my printscreens to my network provider and ask for a new phone :-(
    thanks for your answer anyway!
  25. Rhyz

    Rhyz New Member

    I got a HTC Sensation about 6 weeks ago but had this problem throughout yesterday. I hadn't had any other problems until then. Everytime I pulled the phone out of my pocket, the phone had turned itself off. And then would restart (when prompted by me) and then reboot randomly. Probably happened around 20 times throughout the day.

    I did install an 'appkiller' app on the day before, so I uninstalled that and I haven't had any problems since - albeit 24 hours!

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