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  1. dupuis2387

    dupuis2387 New Member


    Let me start by saying thanks for this wonderfully resourceful site! Now, the reason im starting this thread, is because i recently dusted off my triumph and popped on MTDEV-CM9 build 20121112-BETA and ROM-PORT MIUI 2.4.20-Triumph-UPDATED 07/27/2012 and with both of them, the phone works beautifully until i try to make a seems sporadic, but making calls seems to make the phone reboot at about the 10seconds mark when someone answers...also happens when dialing VM. So because it seems to happen with two diff roms, i have to think it's the phone, right? Has anyone else experienced this? if not, i can try to go back to stock and see if it's still an issue then....

    thanks for any help!

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  2. GKNByNW

    GKNByNW Well-Known Member

    I am running MTDEV CM9 20120913 and had basically the same thing happen on Sunday. I made a couple calls around 6am and the phone worked fine. A few hours later, whenever I tried placing a call my phone would immediately reboot before even dialing out. This happened about a dozen times before I was ready to throw it out the window LOL :p I had a friend try calling me a couple times and the phone also rebooted at her incoming calls. Everything else worked fine - data/web, SMS, MMS, etc.

    I ended up making a Nandroid then flashing a different ROM (MTDEV CM7, in this case) and then making calls worked just fine. On a whim, I restored the CM9 backup and everything worked fine. I haven't had any problems with the phone at all since those couple of hours on Sunday.
  3. OverByter

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    Virgin has been having numerous, nationwide issues intermittently for the last week or so, might be related.
  4. GKNByNW

    GKNByNW Well-Known Member

    I don't know about the OP's specific problem but in my case it seemed to be some glitch in the phone and/or ROM. Must be an isolated incident, as there aren't many replies here...
  5. dupuis2387

    dupuis2387 New Member

    thanks for the feedback guys. unfortunately, it's been a week with this rom, and any calls seem to trigger a gonna revert to stock and see if that fixes everything...
  6. GKNByNW

    GKNByNW Well-Known Member

    By all means, you should do what it takes to have a working phone. Please post back here and let us know if you get it resolved.
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  7. piper_

    piper_ Well-Known Member

    I would actually go with the latest cm7 build for stability
  8. dupuis2387

    dupuis2387 New Member

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