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  1. ajh94

    ajh94 Well-Known Member

    I have had my phone over 28 days now so i can't exchange it or anything I just want to know if the following is normal...

    My Galaxy S2 reboots itsself from time to time, i have had it about a month and it has done it about 4 times in that time, does anyone else get this and why might it be happening?

    Also everyone I speak to on the phone says they can hear an echo on the line, I have tried this by calling my phone from my landline and there is an echo, when i say something loudly, it gets repeated back :/ - i was thinking it may be because of my case (Casemate Gelli) but would that be possible? It's also worse when the call volume is turned up higher.

    Any ideas? thanks!

  2. pb_2000

    pb_2000 Member

    I have also the problem with reboot. My problem is solved by removing my external SD. I still have o find out if the reason is the SD card itself (error on the chip) or the sim pushing the battery away from the contact or one of the software on the SD.
    I don't know if you have an external SD
  3. ajh94

    ajh94 Well-Known Member

    Yeah I have, I got a 16GB Class 4 Micro SD... Ill try that. Thanks!
  4. Swiftmick

    Swiftmick New Member

    I also have a Samsung Galaxy S2
    With the firmware 2.3.3 there was never any problems what so ever but the rebooting error came with 2.3.4 and continued to be there on 2.3.5 which i have recently upgraded to.
    This is VERY and EXTREMELY annoying, since when the phone reboots and you do not notice this, it expects the phone owner to punch in the SIM code thus making you unavailable to callers until you notice that the phone has rebooted.

    This is really some of those problems that Samsung should address ASAP.

    Present i have looked for a solution but do not have any but i'm convinced that the fault lies in the firmware.
  5. Swiftmick

    Swiftmick New Member

    I found out, that after af factory reset, the problems are now long gone. Download MyBackup Pro from Market and install it. Now take backup of all options. Save to SD card.
    Now do a factory reset. When done, download MyBackup again fro market. Install it and restore your apps and settings. You must confirm each app that is being restored. Make sure you also backup you contacts on your SIM card before doing a factory reset. Later you can copy those contacts back from your backup to the SIM card.
  6. Russell Ng

    Russell Ng Well-Known Member

    Anyone know how to clear the cache of the old firmware from the phone without having to do a factory reset? I don't want to have a case of having to redo the settings and application. A backup is not 100% perfect usually.
  7. master-king

    master-king Active Member

    i still having calling issue they hear an tornado from it an weird wind blow please help i just got this phone yesterday

    i factory reset one thousand times
  8. theoldbill

    theoldbill New Member

    I have come to quite like the random reboot issue, it gives my S2 a personality.

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