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  1. Boostermike

    Boostermike Well-Known Member

    I have been searching the web and even posted in other forums with no help. Found you guys, and you look to be great on info.

    I need to be able to record phone calls with my cell phone. A Galaxy Prevail on Boost Mobile.

    Because the recordings could be used in court, I have to have an app that has that beep tone repeating throughout the recording.

    Not looking to record conversations without the other person knowing. The beep tone is a must to remind the other party recorder is running, and also keeps it legal in all States.

    Anyone know of one? I have found lots of recording apps, but none with the repeating Beep.

    I thank you all.

  2. neil154

    neil154 Well-Known Member

    I really do not have an answer for you on the app that you are looking for and do not know the legal requirments for a court. Tha being said if you use Google Voice and the call is an incoming call while you are on the phone you can press "4" and then there is an announcement that both parties can hear which states that the conversation is being recorded. I know this is a far stretch to what you are looking for but it is the best that I know.
  3. Boostermike

    Boostermike Well-Known Member

    I know of Google Voice. In fact I was a Beta tester for Grand Central. The company Google bought to make Google Voice. And it will not work for my needs. It is like me asking any one know of a reliable car, and being told "take the bus"... A well intended response but completely missing the mark.

    Again I know of lots of recording apps. And I even know of forwarding phone services etc., that can monitor and record a call... But what I am specifically looking for and NEED is a Android phone App, that records calls, both incoming and out going. That can be turned on and off, and has the ability to create a repeating beep that can be heard by both parties when it is recording. The beep issue is a must. Recording on outgoing calls is a must.
    Thank you.
  4. vce2005

    vce2005 Well-Known Member

    I tried like 10 - 15 different recording apps with the prevail and it seems like non of them really works well..... While your own voice is recorded fine, the other parties voice is mostly not hearable or way to low to even understand, except when using the speakerphone. I was told by some of the vendor's programmer, that the Prevail's hardware does not support an equal recording of both parties. All the Prevail can record is what comes out of the speaker, so one needs to turn-up the volume as much as possible, which is in most cases to low to understand.

    And....... from all the apps I tried, I did not run into one that makes the "beep" you want ! I think you are out of luck on this issue if using the Prevail !
  5. Boostermike

    Boostermike Well-Known Member

    You may be right. I moved from a older windows smart phone to the prevail, and I never found a recording app for he windows phone. I have been stuck using the phone on speaker phone, and using an mp3 player for the beep, and a separate recorder. Kind of mess. So a nice all in one recording App would be NICE!!!
  6. cjmazur

    cjmazur New Member

    Did you ever find a solution this?
  7. Boostermike

    Boostermike Well-Known Member

    I never did.

    In fact I never even found a recording app with out a Beep that would record both sides of the conversation.

    So I use the speaker phone and have a mp3 player connected that plays the beep and a recorder connected that records it all. A pain set up. but it works.

    For some reason I do not think anyone has ever made a recording app with a beep for any Android or even iPhone . Don't know why? Most States you have to have that Beep or you are breaking the law....

    Have you found a recording app with or with out a beep that works for both sides of a conversation?

    I do have a great video app for recording live that makes it look like the phone is not recording. The phone screen remain normail, etc. So anyone looking at the phone does npt know it is recording. And that is legal under some circumstances.
  8. cjmazur

    cjmazur New Member

  9. Boostermike

    Boostermike Well-Known Member

    I have not shopped for tone generators for some time. I have seen some recorders that claim to have a beep tone in them, and they do. But it is the wrong tone and or wrong frequency of repeating.

    California law is (Bold added):

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