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  1. EoRdE

    EoRdE Member

    So I dropped my HTC One V by Virgin Mobile today and was pissed. I called up HTC and they estimated $150, more than what I originally paid for the phone. In a last ditch attempt I called Virgin Mobile who without asking any questions said they were shipping a new one with an envelope to send the old one back in. I was amazed!!!

  2. RealFastOne

    RealFastOne Well-Known Member

    Good deal! Always check with Virgin Mobile first, even if you did not buy the phone from them. The phone is just a device to keep you paying THEM money. It is not in their interest to give paying customers an opportunity to switch to another carrier.
  3. notebooko

    notebooko Well-Known Member

    Virgin Mobile is pretty well known in the mobile community to have the best customer service out there. For a prepaid carrier, that's pretty big.
  4. m-cman

    m-cman Well-Known Member

    Hmmmmm.... Been with VM for over two years and haven't heard this. Maybe there is a difference between Customer Support service and Customer Support knowledge... :rolleyes:
  5. SuperAfnan

    SuperAfnan Well-Known Member Contributor

    You better be trolling. :rolleyes:
  6. miediev

    miediev Well-Known Member

    For all their faults, VM does seem pretty willing to throw replacement phones at you without much fuss.
  7. notebooko

    notebooko Well-Known Member

    They don't just give out the JD Power award to everyone...
  8. mogelijk

    mogelijk Well-Known Member

    I guess that is why Metro PCS got it this year (for non-contract, Verizon got the contract phone title).
  9. Austrie

    Austrie Well-Known Member

    You really dislike VM huh:smokingsomb:
  10. mogelijk

    mogelijk Well-Known Member

    Eh... it is a love hate relationship. I found their tech support terrible; as an example, they never did fix my Visual Voicemail after a month of trying, despite being escalated multiple times. The good; once you convinced them your phone was broken they were good at replacing it -- and frequently with a brand new phone (rather than refurbished).

    For most of my years with VM, though, I didn't worry at all about Tech Support and, ultimately, the reason I left was poor (to downright unusable) data speeds in the places I needed it. It should be improved now, if I had an LTE phone.

    OTOH, GSM is a huge advantage. It is great being able to have a high end phone on prepaid and, if the carrier isn't working for you, being able to keep your phone and just switch to a new carrier. And that is another issue I have with VM; even the other CDMA carriers you can "bring your own phone" to, you still can't do it with a Virgin Mobile phone (or legally take your own phone to Virgin Mobile).
  11. swerver32

    swerver32 Well-Known Member

    I tried to get a replacement for my wife's evo, and they said they would send one. As it turns out, they never sent anything - the phone was bought at radio shack so they said they couldn't replace it. Of course they didn't say that at first, lame. I can still see the "order"on her account on the just sits there.

    She had the same experience trying to get the battery replaced - they said they would send one but it never came. When asked, it was because the phone was not bought from them, even though they originally said they would send one, no problem.
  12. aml1025

    aml1025 Well-Known Member

    Try calling again and talking to a different rep. It shouldn't matter where you bought your phone - I had both an Evo and an Elite replaced in the last month and they never asked where I bought them. The Elite was actually slightly over a year old, and they still sent a replacement.
  13. mogelijk

    mogelijk Well-Known Member

    As was mentioned, it doesn't matter where the phone was purchased from. If you look at the warranty information that came with the phone, it should clearly state that it is Virgin Mobile (as the "manufacturer") that is guaranteeing the phone. Because the phones are branded (with the provider's logo and extra software) the various mobile providers, it is the providers who typically handle the warranty repairs for Samsung, HTC, LG, and the other manufacturers.
  14. MacFett

    MacFett Well-Known Member

    I purchased my elite from best buy and received 4 replacements from vmu for it (still don't have a working one).
  15. mrnyjet

    mrnyjet Well-Known Member

    Check out my post on clueless customer support in the cricket forum!
    We have both vm and cricket phones, and both work great everywhere in the county except my village where ONLY cricket/sprint have NO tower.
    Nearest towers are 10-15 miles away.
    Yet, cs reps want me to exchange new phones for replacememt refrubs. NO! Just log in the problem ticket so the engineers know about the actual problem, not just look at an estimated coverage map. Do your job, which is not to argue with paying customers.
  16. swerver32

    swerver32 Well-Known Member

    A couple weeks later, and guess what? A (like) new vevo appears on my doorstep today. Too bad I already bought her a victory... anyone wanna buy a (like) new vevo, cheap? It's the unbranded type, just HTC logo top middle, no sprint or vm branding.
  17. Austrie

    Austrie Well-Known Member

    Probably came straight from HTC. Might have a better build quality, play with it a bit.
  18. trekleech

    trekleech Well-Known Member

    Stupid question is this phone replacement, that insurance thing I pay them for each month. Or are they just replacing everyones phones for free, LOL?
  19. aml1025

    aml1025 Well-Known Member

    This isn't insurance, this is Virgin Mobile's own one year warranty on their phones. No extra charge per month, and nominally for defective devices, but they are pretty liberal with their definition of "defective."
  20. SuperAfnan

    SuperAfnan Well-Known Member Contributor

    I would technically call it replace people's phones for free. Do you have any idea how many people just send phones in with barely any problems and get good replacements. They make it rain with replacements. Some guy received 4 phones because the reps didn't have time to send him a confirmed working phone. No wonder people get bad ESN phones all the freaking time. :p
  21. trekleech

    trekleech Well-Known Member

    Crap now I feel stupid, I been paying this for like the last 7 months. LOL
  22. mogelijk

    mogelijk Well-Known Member

    What you are actually paying for, with the insurance, is if you lose your phone or drop it and break it. If you break your screen or have severe water damage (such as dropping it in water) typically VM won't replace the phone. Basically, while they are fairly generous about replacements, the still only replace phones that appear to have a hardware issue. And it is a "replacement", if you don't send your old phone back they will charge you for the replacement.

    The insurance, that is extra cost, covers "user error" such as dropping the phone and breaking it or losing it completely.
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  23. SuperAfnan

    SuperAfnan Well-Known Member Contributor

    They won't bill you, they would just blacklist both phones since they would be technically stolen. :(

    So send 'Em back! :p
  24. ragnarkar

    ragnarkar Well-Known Member

    Now if they'd put the same diligence in keeping their networks up and running..
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  25. SuperAfnan

    SuperAfnan Well-Known Member Contributor

    Reason why I left right there.

    Don't forget about coverage too, it kind of sucks compared to T-Mobile. Get up Sprint get up!

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