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  1. tmekk

    tmekk New Member

    The other day my 3g stopped working. It force closed everything and gave me "no connection" errors every time I tried to open anything that used it. I tried the old off/on routine and it worked. The only problem is that it reset all my homepage options. Everything I had changed was reset back to how the phone came.

    Now this wouldn't be a huge issue, except for now it's happens at least twice a day. Some times the 3g works, some time it doesn't. I get force close errors at least twice per text message and during basically anything else I do and my phone is constantly resetting all my homepage options. I've been to Verizon once and since the issue wasn't happening at right that moment, they were basically useless. I'm going to go again in a few days.

    In the meantime, anyone else having this issue or have a suggestion? Phone isn't rooted and I've cleared everything I know to clear, taken battery out, deleted apps, etc.

  2. doogald

    doogald Guides Guide

    Unless somebody can think of something else, I imagine that Verizon will have you do a factory reset to rule out some sort of software or data glitch. You will probably want to make sure that all of your contacts are backed up (as Google contacts or VZW Backup contacts), calendars are syncing, etc. Backup to your PC anything that you want to save on internal storage as well.

    (If there is a reason to save text and MMS messages as well, and you have a GMail account, I recommend the application SMS Backup+, which is free, and which will backup your text messages to a label called SMS on your GMail account. While it does have the ability to restore SMS messages - not MMS yet - after a factory reset, unfortunately with the Droid 3 you lose all of the date and timestamp information - everything is dated at the date and time you run the restore - though proper dates and times are still available if you look at the messages in GMail. It's a nice app.)

    If the phone is running stably enough, settings->privacy, choose "Factory data reset". I'd have it erase/format internal storage as well, just to make sure it is not a problem there. If the problem continues, it's likely a hardware problem. Of course you will need to reinstall apps, set up homescreens again, etc.
  3. tmekk

    tmekk New Member

    The factory reset fixed it. I was kind of reluctant to do it our of laziness but it started restarting itself over and over then force closing everything I would select, including contacts, gallery, etc. Thanks for the help doogald!
  4. doogald

    doogald Guides Guide

    I'm sorry that it came to that - it's such a drastic step - but hopefully the phone will remain stable for you now.

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