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  1. gianny13

    gianny13 New Member

    I have a Optimus one android phone foar a week.everything is good but i have one problem :
    Sometimes my phone restarts without a reason (i know it because it askes for PIN code ) ,i observed that befor restarting he freezes for 2-3 secondes and then reset.... The phone was coded in vodafone and unlocked.
    Please help ! anybody ,any ideas ?!?

  2. ism09bk

    ism09bk Member

    which version of firmware do you use??

    go to Settings->about phone for the information..
  3. gianny13

    gianny13 New Member

    It is V10c oct-2010

    Any ideas? an update ? ..do u thing my problem will be fixed after that ?..
  4. Wazza66

    Wazza66 Active Member

    I had the same problem, restarting a couple of times a day..Does the SD Card unmount itself, if so i read in one of the threads that it is due to the Micro SD Card not being good enough and suggested changing it to a Class 6 Card.....I did this five days ago and it hasn`t restarted since.....All seems to be fine now....
  5. 350Rocket

    350Rocket Well-Known Member

    I had a random reboot on my shine plus with 2.1 and it went away after i rooted and installed a custom rom. Lately I've been having the sd card unmount (its the cheapest 16gb i could find so maybe its defective). It goes back to normal after unmounting then reloading. So I'm not sure if the sd card would cause a reboot. I have an o1 that i bought for a spare battery, phone, cable etc and i haven't used it much but it hasn't acted up at all.
  6. mooranda

    mooranda Member

    I have the lg optimus m and it freezes then restarts all the time I hate it!! I have 2.2.1? any ideas? am I gonna have to go to metro or call 611?
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  7. alanbingham27

    alanbingham27 Well-Known Member

    Mooranda, same has been happening to me for months. I lost the head the other day and rang LG UK complaining about this. They have sent me a package to send it off to get repaired. Also, my current P500 is my second in 3 months. The first I returned after 3 weeks due to lots of dust under the bottom right of the screen. Now this one has gone the same way. It seems to be a common problem with these phones, freezing and dust under screen. I have said to LG when it comes back after repair and nothing has changed they can refund my money or get me a different phone. I like my P500 but the constant freezing is making the phone unusuable.

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