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Phone restarts 4-5 times a day

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  1. xNJxPlague

    xNJxPlague Well-Known Member

    I've had my Droid 2 since October and for the past few months it is always restarting on itself. It gets very laggy then will turn off and back on. It becomes a hastle when I need to call someone quickly and then it turns off and I have to wait 3-4 min for it to reboot.

    I doubt there is a way to fix it, I am very good with Android devices, but do you think I can get a new phone from Verizon with this problem? I have insurance and its under a year so the warranty is there too.

  2. JDunc

    JDunc Well-Known Member

    Yea you could do that, but it may not fix anything. When I rooted and flashed a ROM without Motoblur, it ran much smoother.
  3. ozzzy3z

    ozzzy3z Well-Known Member

    Do you have Lookout installed? Lookout made my X act exactly as you described. Now that my phone is Lookout-free it has worked flawlessly.
  4. dad4evr

    dad4evr New Member

    I bought my D2 in Feb 2011, had the same issue and cleaned the battery terminals and contacts on the phone with a small wire brush and neever had it happen again...but I'm sure you've tried this already

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