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  1. 350Rocket

    350Rocket Well-Known Member

    After searching, I see a few others have had this problem with EVO's and Droids, but no solutions were found or explanations for the problem. In my case, it has not rebooted while I was in the middle of anything, usually after I just finished using it and set it down, but I haven't noticed a pattern as to what is on or off when it happens. It can just be sitting there, and I wouldn't have noticed if it wasn't for the little bootup noise it makes at the Android start screen.

    I don't think it matters if data is on or off or if its plugged in or not. I've had it 2 months and it's probably restarted itself for no reason maybe a 10 times since then? but i haven't been keeping track. It's always several days between restarts.

    The very last time that it happened, a few minutes after it restarted, it still had not registered any signal, so I shut it down, pulled the battery and restarted it, and it was fine after that.

    I have started doing a shut down, battery pull and then restart occasionally the past couple weeks, because I had to phone Telus tech support, when I stopped receiving any text messages for over a week. They asked me if I'd ever done a battery pull, which I had not thought to do, so I did, and they reset something on their end, and all of a sudden all my texts came in with no further problems. Since then I've been pulling the battery every few days, but it doesn't seem to have affected the occasional random reboots at all, they still happen.

    I mentioned to the tech support rep, the random restart problem, and she said that it shouldn't do that and if it continues, to bring it back to a store for warranty. She also said she checked to see if there were any reported problems with the LG Shine plus, and found nothing was reported.

    I'm not convinced it's a hardware problem and don't want to send it away if it's not. Unless I can somehow get upgraded to an HTC Desire, which was out of stock when I got this phone :) That's more of a want, than a need thing, since I've been perfectly happy with this phone, other than the hickup with the text messages (apparently it was a network issue though) and the random reboots.

    Anyone have any advice on this? Thanks.

  2. 350Rocket

    350Rocket Well-Known Member

    It sucks that the moderators moved this post here on my. I really don't think it's an issue specific to the phone, and people were having this problem with several other android phones on different networks. I was hoping to have more people see the post than just the few people that have one of these phones and happen to be looking in this forum. I will likely never see a reply, lol.
  3. Stuntman

    Stuntman Well-Known Member

    Try cleaning the contacts between the battery and the phone. I've seen restarts on other devices that are caused by dirty contacts between the battery and the leads on the phone. A good way to clean the contacts is to use an eraser. Your issue sounds like something different, but I suggest you clean the contacts anyway just to eliminate this possibility.
  4. Well we really cant help you until you tell us the model. And fyi, not telling us the model so it doesnt get moved is kind of rude to us. That's saying that the people in your phone's subforum wont help you, and I'm sure they would.

    Honestly, that's not too uncommon. 10 times in 2 months isnt anything to worry about.

    I would try a hard reset first. If this doesnt fix it, then take it back under warranty.
  5. Smoked

    Smoked Well-Known Member

    Unless it happens often I dont' think it's a hardware issue. These phones are a lot like computers...they need a reboot now and then so in a way i'm thankful for my periodic reboots with my X10. My wife has Shine plus and she hasn't told me of it happening to hers yet but I won't be surprised if it does.

    If you have it happen often, it could be hardware...some contact loose or an overheating issue perhaps? But sporadic reboots, as you've noted are not uncommon to android phones in general and I dont' think out of the ordinary.

    Sorry that isn't more's just my opinion based on my IT and phone experience.
  6. 350Rocket

    350Rocket Well-Known Member

    Not being rude, just saying that there is obviously much less traffic in these subforums, especially for a phone as uncommon as this one. So moving a question as general as the one I had, to the sub forum made no sense, IMO. If it was the HTC Desire or something like that, there would be much more traffic and it wouldn't matter as much.

    Anyways, it hasn't been getting any worse, so I'm pretty sure there is nothing wrong with the hardware. Still has not happened while I was actually in the middle of anything, which is a good sign. So I'm going not going to worry about it. The rep telling me that it wasn't normal was what had me a little bit worried.
  7. aprilkay69

    aprilkay69 New Member

    Unless you are lucky, it will happen more and more until you have to send it in. Mine was doing the same thing and a friends as well until hers just stopped showing anything on the screen. The screen would black out and everything would still "work" on the touchscreen but was completely black. I have had mine for less than a year and it is starting to do this. I have four months left on warranty and am sending mine in. I did the online upgrade which has exacerbated problems i think. Sixth, yes sixth, brand new phone in a row from telus and am not happy. Everything from facebook to rdio force closes half the time now. The only plus with the upgrade you can do yourself from the telus site is u can use it for a hotspot. Other than that, the wow factor is gone for me.:(
  8. rymanh

    rymanh Well-Known Member

    random reboots are extremely common with most cellphones. as long as it's not every day or happening when you are in the middle of something then I wouldn't give it a second thought
  9. karendar

    karendar Well-Known Member

    I'm shocked to see people that think that random reboots are common place and normal. There is no such thing as a normal random reboot... There's always a reason. Sometimes it's hardware, sometimes it's software... In the Shine PLus' case, it's software in most cases (2.1 issue that randomly reboots phone, possibly due to kernel issues, as this doesn't seem to happen in custom ROMs with modded kernels). ​

    The battery is sometimes the culprit of a random reboot as stated above... But that's rarer. Also deteriorates as time goes by, so you get more and more random reboots.​

    To say 10 reboots in 2 months is normal... Trust me. It's not and there is probably a way of fixing it. I've had random reboots of 3 of my phones (Shine plus (Solved), HTC HD2 (Solved) and X10 (Solved)). They were all software issues. ;)
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  10. Burned

    Burned Well-Known Member

    Yeah I second that! My Shine Plus has NEVER randomly rebooted.
    I am running firmware 2.1 -update1
  11. funpig

    funpig Well-Known Member

    I have never had a random reboot. However, maybe once a month, while in standby, my phone will give a sound notification, phone screen will come on and I get a "preparing SD card - checking for errors" message. I find that mounting and unmounting and running the occassional defragmentation of the sd card seems to help. (I have a 8gb card with about 5.5 gb of data/music etc in storage). 2.1 v10D

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