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  1. allisonlindsey

    allisonlindsey New Member

    I got this phone back in December and was wondering if anyone has a solution to this problem. Sometimes my phone just restarts on its own and I can't find any reason for it. It happens when it's not even being used. I had it charging last night and about 3am it woke me up because it restarted again. This happens maybe once every week or two.

  2. daffyducknj

    daffyducknj Well-Known Member

    It's a system RAM issue. The phone allows a paltry 357 MB for apps to use in system memory.

    The easiest way to clear this up is to back up to your home screen, hit the Multitask button (the third button, under the A in Kyocera), and swipe away all the apps. It's a good idea to do this after you've been using a lot of apps. It wouldn't hurt to reboot the phone every few days by powering it off, then turning it back on. Just don't do that as a hard reset (hold down the power button until it reboots) unless the phone really is frozen in time.

    If your phone does freeze up a lot, you'll have to figure out which apps are causing it, then find lighter alternatives to use (apps that take up less space, and can install to SD if possible). For me, one of them was the Facebook app for Android. I uninstalled that and installed something called Facebook Lite. It runs as a mini web browser that links directly to a tablet version of Facebook.

    I got my phone back in December as well, and have had it rooted for the past month. Rooting it allows me to use Titanium Backup, which lets me backup the phone, and freeze/uninstall system apps. I haven't uninstalled any system stuff though, just frozen (disabled) the ones I don't want running, which improves on the system RAM issue.

    Uninstallling unwanted system apps does give you more system RAM, but that's risky. One person experienced boot loops by doing just that, esp. after Kyocera issued a system update earlier in February.

    I also did the egl tweak (rooted), which frees the phone from running the software video drivers. That tweak alone speeds up the phone a good deal.

    I hope this long post gives you some ideas to fix your problem. :)
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  3. allisonlindsey

    allisonlindsey New Member

    I think first I will try rebooting it daily and see if that helps. If not I will look into the other solutions. Thank you!
  4. daffyducknj

    daffyducknj Well-Known Member

    You're welcome.
  5. BmXStuD

    BmXStuD Well-Known Member

    had this issue.. ended up getting another phone. The rise is okay out the box, but once you start using it as smart phone it sucks. But yes this phone only has 357mb of ram to use which is a VERY SMALL amounts and will cause a lot of issues like reboots, force closes and lag.

    What i recommend you to do is trim some fat. Mean get rid of the eye candy (widgets) delete any launcher you have and use the stock launcher. See what apps are running and see if you have any need for them really. With the rise you have to manage it very well and keep a good eye on the ram usage. I would just save up money for a upgrade to get rid of these issues. The phone i have now is $100 at radio shack and has a dual core and 1gb of ram.. Virgin Mobile evo v 4g. Blows the rise out the water.

    Edit: Same thing happen to me many times. Away in bed sleeping and all of sudden i wake up to that stupid virgin mobile boot up sound!
  6. Kritter888

    Kritter888 Well-Known Member

    Ty daffy well explained & very appreciated i also use rom toolbox and use the autostarts feature and deativate alot of the bootup recievers for apps that dont need to be ran on boot like if u have facebook it has like i think 16 recievers active at boot just dont disable the root stuff like superuser setcpu apps that are used in the bootup process like i have more then just the google play store i never use it at all but looked to see what the amazon app store had it had alot of recievers enabled at boot, same with facebook i dont need it active at boot only when i open it i dont need it running in the background 24/7 and that greatly reduced its stress in my opion, if iam wrong someone correct me now but its something i tryed on my own & took the risk & i like the peformace better also i use a root firewall to prevent apps i dont want accessing comming on and off to my data connection or wifi whenever it wants so ill allow them apps wifi access but not my 3g so if iam not home & out & about there not running, & thats a noobs advice that ive played with.thats been successful if u have rom manager its one of the worst to connect. Whenever it wants so give it wifi access but not 3g i didnt completly lock it out.from all data incase it finds a update oh and of course a good task killer that lets u whitelist apps u dont wanna kill & kill the others automatically on whatever setting u find that works well theres usually normal aggressive and insanely but look for low ram usuage ones iam stipl playing with that rom toolbox has one
  7. DannySihapanya

    DannySihapanya Well-Known Member

    Just visting from the evo v 4g form.
    The only way to get rid of the problems is to upgrade. Best decision I've made. But then again, you sacrifice the keyboard. You can't win them all right?

    The evo v has everything I need. And a little bass to when I listen to music with my skullcandys. Unlike the rise which has no bass and a bad camera for that matter.

    Get it! You won't be disapointed.
  8. sneaky_1

    sneaky_1 Well-Known Member

    If it really is a memory issue. Install ATK from the play store set it up for medium security, and auto kill every 2-4 hrs. Or kill it by yourself every so often. If it stops rebooting it would show it is mostlikely a memory issue. I'm not advocating either way whether a task killer is good or bad, but it can be a diagnostic tool, do what you like. Another handy widget to keep an eye on ram, temp, cpu speed and load, is Temp+CPU V2, and perform a manual kill if under 80-90mb free ram.

    Note killing apps may cause apps to open more slowly as they have to restart, and some apps restart by themselves anyways after a kill. It's normal. Disabling apps that you dont use in the settings > apps > tab to "all" will help also. Some may need to have the updates unistalled first in order to disable. Or if rooted use "app quarantine".

    TEMP+CPU V2>>>


    App quarantine >>>

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