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  1. ajava

    ajava Member

    Got a new Charge in June. Have been loving it until today. About 5 times now, it has started ringing for no reason....there isn't a call coming in, there is no sms message coming in, there are no alarms set. And the weirdest part - the ringtone used is not one that I can find installed on my phone ANYWHERE.

    I did install a few new apps yesterday, so I'm guessing this has something to do with it. I've uninstalled those apps and rebooted the phone (about three times now). IT KEEPS DOING IT.

    What on earth is causing the phone to do this? I should also mention - the screen does not come out of "sleep" mode when it starts this mystery ringing. Also, I HAVE received incoming phone calls today and they behave normally - screen wakes up, my set ringtone is used, etc.

  2. Kelmar

    Kelmar Done by choice VIP Member

    Kind of a pain, but have you tried uninstalling your apps to see if it's a phone issue or an app issue?
  3. breaking_b

    breaking_b Member

    I have the same issue. My Charge starts ringing for no reason and I can't shut it off unless I completely shut off my phone. It seems to always do it at the same time too, around 3:00am and its a ringtone that I don't have on my phone. I don't have any alarms set and I uninstalled all my 3rd party apps and it still does it.
  4. ddemlong

    ddemlong Well-Known Member

    I havent had any random ringing issues per se, but the sound when the sd card loads. It is a rining that randomly comes and goes. Its happened twice now, even after restarts, sim card and 4g card removals/installs it still does it. Last time it happened i just left it on silent and when i turned volume back up it went away. Weird...
  5. TheCondor

    TheCondor New Member

    might be a ghost...
  6. lisa4labz

    lisa4labz Member

    Mine did that when I booted up...was on the phone with Verizon 4 times about it then Samsung, then back to Verizon. No one could come up with a solution so they replaced the phone for me and told me to keep the other one. What I found out was when there is an unplayed message it notifies you with an alarm-type of ringtone. Check if you have a voice mail message.
  7. kickstarter

    kickstarter New Member

    Any resolution.

    My HTC one s did this twice last night at 1 and 2 am and a few days earlier as well.

    Same thing..just rings like someone is calling and nothing. Screen remains off and other is no record.
    I thought it may be full battery notification sound that got messed up

    It is very annoying.
  8. Lacit1707

    Lacit1707 Well-Known Member

    my phone also does this....its not a ringtone and its not an alarm on the phone...

    it sounds like both but seems to be a glitch that happens when the phone reboots....only solution ive found is to reboot the phone and turn the volume down immediately! that "alarm" is LOUD
  9. rfXXXX

    rfXXXX New Member

    For me it was Skype.

    I got the problem after I started using Skype. Random ringing combined with problems charging and ringing when I plugged in the charger. Force stopped Skype and the problem went away.

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