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  1. Paloma

    Paloma New Member

    Hi! What could be reasons for my LG GT540 to run very slow? I tried to unistall some applications, deleted large video files from memory card, but it still does not help. If I restart my phone, it gets better, but after some time it becomes more and more slow.

    P.S. I have Android 1.6 and my phone is not even a month old... :(

  2. AirCatHeavy

    AirCatHeavy Well-Known Member

    You may need to back up everything then do a factory reset.

    Then, before you reinstall anything, see how it works.
  3. Paloma

    Paloma New Member

    If so, could you please tell, how to 1) back-up my information (or maybe there is already some thread about it?) and 2) how to do factory reset?
  4. Zetren

    Zetren Member

    You should definiatly consider updating to either 2.1 offical, or 2.3.4 unoffical too.

    Google is your friend, friend.
  5. Delsus

    Delsus Well-Known Member

    An update to official 2.1 should help you, and unofficial 2.3 will help.

    To back up data search the market for some backup software, however your options are limited if your phone is not rooted, rooted devices can backup alot more than none rooted phones, rooting however will void your warrenty

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