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  1. edingal

    edingal Member

    Had my Sensation XE since Dec11 and it's been a great phone 90% of the time, no space issues or speed issues until the last few weeks, I keep getting messages coming up saying the phone is low on memory, first of all I went in and cleared the cache and cleared a huge 600mb from the cache and thought this may solve my issue. But after this I keep getting this message and the phone is running painfully slow sometimes. Currently of the 1.15GB internal storage available there is 435mb odd used and over 700mb free, so surely it cant be low on space. Each time I get this message I've been clearing the cache and theres only about 5-6mb in there. I'm not rooted or anything and I run go launcher ex. Any tips on how to solve this issue?


  2. dnapro

    dnapro Well-Known Member

    I had the same issues after running GO Launcher EX for a number of months, I have cleared caches, cleaned up my device and still had slow running issues.

    I have since removed GO Launcher and am currently using Nova with no issues or slow CPU, I have used Apex in the past and it also served me well before an update 2 weeks ago. It may work well now though :)
  3. edingal

    edingal Member

    Thanks for the reply. So I uninstall go launcher yesterday and the speed seems to have improved a little, but it now keeps crashing randomly, last night it crashed about 8 times in 10 minutes, wondering whether I should send it in for repair while its still under warranty.
  4. savethebees

    savethebees Active Member

    My Sensation has been a bit choppy. I recently installed Go Launcher Ex which I really do love but I don't have an updated version of Android running on my phone. I am still scared to update it to Ice Cream (due to the reports of glitchiness and slowness).

    Sidenote: Is there a way to update my phone to Gingerbread without updating it to Ice Cream? I'm actually still using Froyo... And I don't think the jelly bean update is offered to my device.

    Anyway, I can't try Nova or Apex because of the version of Android I'm still running but I would love to. They sound nice.

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