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Phone Says I Need An SD cardSupport

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  1. kscbarrelracer

    kscbarrelracer New Member

    The screen on my phone cracked so I sent it in to get fixed. For the week that my phone was getting fixed I put my sim card in a blackberry curve to use it. When I got my phone back I tried to look at my pics and songs and it says to enter an SD. I never thought that I had an SD card in the first place... It wont let me sync anything either because it says I dont have an SD and I cant take pics or video!! Why is it that all the sudden I need an SD... Im pretty sure ive never had one in my phone... PLEASE HELP!!

  2. RedWolfFan

    RedWolfFan Member

    From what I understand, and this was true in my case, the Inspire comes with an SD card. When I purchased my phone it was already installed. The phone has 4 gigs of built in memory and the SD card that comes with the phone is 8 gig. I wonder if the card was removed when you sent it in for service and either accidentally or intentionally not reinserted into the phone. You might want to check with whoever you sent your device to for service. Also, have you removed the cover on the bottom of the phone to see if there is an SD card next to the SIM card?

    I looked for any settings that you might be able to change in order to save pictures and video directly to the phone, but was not able to find any. Anyone else know how to do this or if it's even possible?
  3. gnosisjunky

    gnosisjunky Well-Known Member

    This often times can be fixed by taking out the sd card and then re-inserting it. remove the bottom cover and to the left of your sim card you will see it if its in there. you have to push it in first and then it will pop out. If this does not work then it is possible that the card tanked. Good luck on this :)
  4. tyler79durdan

    tyler79durdan Well-Known Member

    Make sure your phone is off before removing the bottom cover or inserting or removing an sd card!

    Post8 for sig
  5. gnosisjunky

    gnosisjunky Well-Known Member

    This is true if your sd card was already successfully mounted. His is not and the bottom cover can be removed without turning the phone off, i do it alot. All this being said yes you are right under normal conditions you need to unmount the card or turn the phone off before removing it. In this case it won't matter.
  6. caseyazfox

    caseyazfox New Member

    when i sync my phone, it always tells me there is no sd card found, I do have one and have tried several different ones from 4 g -32 gig and still get the same results. Suggestions?
  7. yuriyvg

    yuriyvg Guest

    I have one problem .. After flash phone recognizes the card but i cant connect to network..

    What is the problem?

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