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  1. kris10yager

    kris10yager Member

    My Samsung Gravity keeps telling me that the phone is nearing storage capacity and that the Visual Voicemail box is full. Neither of these things appears to be true at all. I bought the phone brand new from T-Mobile about a month ago and have only installed apps from Marketplace. There are zero voicemails in my inbox but it continues to tell me that no more will be downloaded due to the inbox being full. The SD card and phone storage settings tell me the following:

    SD Card

    Total Space: 1.86 GB
    Available space: 1.59 GB

    Internal Phone Storage
    Available space: 18.51 MB

    I don't know what on the phone is taking up so much room. I have zero songs, zero saved threads of texts, and only a few pictures. I have a few apps but it really doesn't seem like I've overindulged on them. With 1.59 out of 1.86 GB free, I should get to go a lot more crazy than I have. I guess the problem is that I can't transfer the apps to the card.
    I've gone into the application manager to try to transfer things but none of the app's on the phone will allow me to move them to the card and many of the apps I don't want are stock so I can't delete them.

    This is my first smart phone at all (don't laugh...I'm trying to catch up with the universe now) and I'm really angry that my phone seems so limited. Please help! Thanks!

  2. kris10yager

    kris10yager Member

    Now I've rooted my phone. It seemed like all the stuff I've read, most of which I didn't really understand, mentioned that in order to delete or move stock apps, I needed to have a rooted phone. That ship has now sailed. I'm surprised that my phone seems exactly the same now. I haven't seen any difference at all. Nothing is missing or new. Hmm. Please help, my techy new friends!
  3. kris10yager

    kris10yager Member

    Actually, now I'm not sure if I successfully rooted the phone. I've tried to follow directions from various forum posts about how to even tell if the phone is rooted now and the directions are Greek to me. They all say something about using command prompt. I know how to do that on my computer but not on the phone, and I'm not even sure if that's what they're talking about. I don't know what SDK means. I don't know a lot, here. All I want is to remove some apps I don't use and to move some big things to the virtually empty, useless SD card that is SUPPOSED to offer me enough room to actually enjoy apps on my f***ing phone. I've now spent most of today downloading stuff I don't understand and trying to follow directions I don't understand. Can anyone really help me? Please?
  4. cjablonski

    cjablonski Active Member

    How did you root the phone? If it's indeed rooted, you won't notice any actual difference in performance or appearance; you just have more access to do things. One way to tell is to see if you have an app called "Superuser" in your list of apps. If it's not there, try the method at Root T-Mobile Samsung Gravity Smart [How To Guide] to root it.

    Assuming the phone is rooted, you can now download the app Titanium Backup root to uninstall any bloatware applications you don't need. Also, get App to SD to move as many apps as you can to the SD card.

    After doing all this, you'll probably have enough space to keep things comfortable. There are more advanced things to do, but I kept it simple and using only apps, as it doesn't seem like you have experience with android commands and shells.
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  5. pchemerys

    pchemerys Active Member

    I have the same phone..actually it's called the Galaxy Q but that's just the diff name for the Gravity Smart up here in Canada..same model SGH-T589R. Anyways.. I just got it and was thinking the same thing! Gigs of sd space and hadn't installed much and my mem info looked EXACTLY like yours.. with the sd mem left and the internal mem at 18.2 mb left.. basically the internal mem..whiich is low to begin with.. 180 needs that last approx 17-19mb of space for it's own internal use. whenever you hit that limit is when the phone stars giving the memory full messages,etc.. I have since ROOTED the phone..very easy with one click and then installed the the above user post suggested..and basically moved almost all the apps that were installing on the internal to' worked great! i left just a coulple of apps on it for widgets (if you want apps to use widgets or need to run inbackground,etc they need to stay on phone)... since then I have been able to install just over a 100 different apps to my phone now..keeping in mind that even when installing most or all apps to sd..or moving it to sd afterwards, a bit of data or databasing still goes on the internal memory...not much but it does...that's why i finally reached the limit on my phone..but it's MUCH more then it was before...I've since uninstalled a few apps that i no longer need and even though they were on sd, it still added a few more megs to my internal mem..

    that's about all.. hope this info helps.. if you ..or anyone else has any info about FLASHING ROMs/KERNALs on this phone PLEASE ADVISE! Like mentioned, i've rooted and attempted to Flash to differ roms but with no luck.. i want to oc but no luck.. are there finally any kernals out there for this phone? and where are there any customs roms as well and will they help to oc the phone?
  6. kris10yager

    kris10yager Member

    Thanks so much. Unfortunately, I tried what you did. I rooted the phone, installed app2sd, and then still couldn't move anything. Twice I've done this, actually. App2SD says that there are zero apps that can be moved. Any more suggestions? Thanks again for trying to help me :)
  7. cjablonski

    cjablonski Active Member

    That stinks. You could try installing Arhtard's rom at I'm actually going to bite the bullet and install it myself today!
  8. jrmdc

    jrmdc Member

    The problem I thought I had I fixed, sorry to anyone who read my earlier pleas.

    BTW, and this was not the only source of my problems, but "charge only" mode, I cannot find, but in the middle of the night, with no one calling, I just stayed in regular mode. I suspect that "flight mode", where the wireless is turned off (so that the phone does not receive a call or message in the middle of the process), is what is meant, but that is just a mildly educated guess.
  9. VeRawr

    VeRawr New Member

    Hello there, I recently purchased a Samsung Gravity Smart from T-Mobile on their $50 a month unlimited no-contract plan, and it appears I'm having a very similar problem to the OP. I've spent at least an hour and a half on the phone with technical support from T-Mobile, and am not satisfied with their responses. The first guy I spoke to was very helpful and walked me through just about everything possible, and was calling the manufacturer to speak to them about it when the phone was disconnected - despite him having my callback number I did not hear from him again. I decided to give it a shot a couple of hours later, once I had the time to do so and got connected with a different guy who initially tried to get me to do the same exact things, but I quickly told him that I had already been through all that. His "solution" was to delete a few apps (and I literally had only downloaded five so far) to clear up space on the internal memory. I told him that this is not an acceptable permanent fix because it just means I cannot have any apps on this "smart" phone, because when I go to the Google Play store it has not yet given me the option to download onto the SD Card - it automatically goes onto the phone's internal memory.

    Some things they told me to do:
    Go to the Main Menu and select Settings.
    Click on Applications.
    Click on Manage Applications.
    Select All.
    Click the Menu button (the far left touch-screen built-in button) and select "Sort by size."
    When you do this it will show you which apps are the largest, generally Facebook is the largest app if you use it.

    The representative told me to click on Facebook and try to "Move to SD card" but, alas, it was far from this simple.
    I actually went through every single app, and out of ALL of them, none of them had that option highlighted - it was grayed out.
    It doesn't help that T-Mobile loaded this phone up with a bunch of crappy apps that I don't ever plan on using, thus taking up the internal memory before I even got a chance to touch it.

    Another thing the rep told me to do was:
    Turn the phone off completely.
    Slide out the keyboard.
    Hold down the power key and the letter T at the same time.
    It brings up a "boot" screen.
    Using the Volume buttons, select the option entitled "Empty Cache" (or something similar). This did not and should not delete any personal saved information that you might value.
    Once this was done he had me restart my phone.

    Another thing he had me do was remove my SD card and re-insert it to make sure it was reading it properly.

    Again, NONE of these options solved the problem.

    He also had me "essentially" delete the Facebook app by telling it to Uninstall Updates. This left the app with only a MB and some change as opposed to 11+ MB. However, in order to get it to work you have to re-update the app. He told me to try plugging my phone into my computer via USB and installing the Facebook app directly onto my SD card from the website on my computer, but in the visible folders there was no indication that it was either SD or internal.

    I'm so ready to quit this phone and this company at this point.
    The second guy I spoke to basically said his advice - to just delete a few apps - was the best he could do, and that unless there's some kind of update I'm stuck with it. This is totally unacceptable. I realize $159 for a non-contract phone is not "expensive" as far as those go, but it's expensive enough for me to get good service.

    The second, ongoing issue I've had with the phone, and I'm not sure if it's T-Mobile or the phone itself, is reception. I live in an "okay" coverage zone, but I get 2-3 bars inside my house - which is surprisingly good. However, once I leave my house and drive less than a mile away (literally) I lose all service and signal even when I am outside. This shouldn't be happening, according to the T-Mobile reps, and I was told twice that this would be fixed and they would contact me with a resolution, but I have yet to hear back regarding this specific issue.
  10. srjvargas

    srjvargas Active Member

  11. jusju

    jusju New Member

    Mine is doing the same thing, did you work out what to do with it at all?
  12. goodshape

    goodshape Member

    I have found what is causing the memory to disappear.
    When looking at the email app I noticed that it's size is increasing every day by a MB or two and today it was at 120MB almost the whole size of the memory. I don't keep ANY emails on the phone. I only use the email app to receive, read and then delete emails.
    HOWEVER when you send or delete emails the app keeps a copy in the SENT file and the TRASH file.
    Make sure that you delete these emails unless you absolutely want to save some.
    Deleting some 4000+ TRASH messages reduced the email client back down to 250kb from 120MB.
    I now have lots of internal space.

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