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Phone shows no photos when usb connected to computerSupport

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  1. TwoIfBySea

    TwoIfBySea New Member

    When I first got my Droid 2, I could connect it via USB to my MacBook and easily download photos from the phone to my iPhoto. Now when I connect via USB, the phone clicks, then shows "No Photos" in iPhoto and reads "There are no pictures to display" on my Droid. I can have the pictures pulled up on my phone, but when I connect it to my computer, there's a clicking, and then they all disappear. :confused:

    The first time this happened, I thought I had lost them and took the phone to a Verizon center. Of course they showed up fine then. But then I realized that connecting to the computer was the problem. When I disconnect, the photos are back and visible on my phone.

    I am using a MacBook with OS 10.6.7. Pictures automatically show up in iPhoto. My phone is a Motorola Droid 2.

    Please help! I have lots of photos that I want to save on my computer, and it takes SOOOO long to download one at a time via Facebook or Bluetooth (both of which work fine). Thanks!

  2. yankeesfan1018

    yankeesfan1018 New Member

    You can manually copy and paste them onto your hard drive via USB by opening the Blacberry2 Drive that is available once you connect your phone to the laptop and then go to dcim and copy the photos you would like to sync and paste them onto your hard drive. I have the same problem with iPhoto, so I use this as a usefull alternative.
  3. TwoIfBySea

    TwoIfBySea New Member

    Thanks! I had been downloading by Bluetooth. It's just so cumbersome to then have to import each into iPhoto, etc. I would love to find a way to simply hook my phone up to the computer and get the whole batch at once (nicely organized and sortable).

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