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  1. roymorgan276

    roymorgan276 New Member


    I bought my Xperia Mini 26 days ago. But I am having some major battery problems already. When the battery charge level decreases to 50% my phone automatically displays a message that the phone battery is low and shuts down. It won't even turn on unless it is chanrged.

    I know the rules to save battery life, I have already done the following:

    1. Turned off Wi-Fi, Bluetooth
    2. Switched to 2G when at home from 3G
    3. I have a very low screen brightness
    4. Turned off GPS when not needed
    5. Disabled the display bravia engine, animations and screen auto rotation

    Still my phone shuts down at 50%. I don't know what is the problem. Can you please help?

    Thanks in advance !

  2. Sam-SonyXperia

    Sam-SonyXperia Well-Known Member

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