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Phone shutting down because of overheating?Support

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  1. StatusCheck

    StatusCheck Well-Known Member

    Over the past month plus, my phone has started randomly shutting down and rebooting. The first couple times were while I was using the GPS, and the phone felt warm to the touch. That was also around the time we started getting warmer, and occasionally hot, weather, and my days involve a fair amount of time outside, although I did not have this problem last summer in the searing heat when my phone was brand new.

    Over the past month it has happened while surfing online, downloading apps, etc.. (I did not download any new apps around the time this started happening). The phone often feels very warm to the touch when it happens, but sometimes it feels cool, which is the only reason I'm questioning whether it truly is an overheating issue.

    Today I was downloading a couple apps when it got stuck in a reboot loop for about a half hour before finally just shutting down altogether.

    I have less than 30 days left on my warranty and I'm wondering if it's worth getting a replacement or just accepting that this may happen until cooler weather sets in. I can't upgrade to a new phone until March.

    Thanks for any thoughts.

  2. wayrad

    wayrad Well-Known Member

    Occasionally a DInc can get warm, especially during heavy Internet use when the connection is weak, but what you're experiencing isn't normal. It doesn't really sound like an overheating issue, either, more like a hardware problem. I assume you're unrooted?

    Might be worth trying a battery pull or even a hard reset - you'll have to anyway if you go for a warranty exchange.
  3. StatusCheck

    StatusCheck Well-Known Member

    I'm getting the warranty exchange because it has continued to happen and is getting worse. I'm almost positive there is a correlation with being outside in the heat, since my phone works fine in the morning and usually starts acting up during the afternoon, after I've been outside for a while, but it's no longer merely shutting down and now is having a variety of issues.

    How annoying. There is no reason an 11-month old phone should be having issues like this. I just need the new (refurb) to get me through the next 9 months until I can upgrade and then I can move on from this mess. :mad:
  4. iowabowtech

    iowabowtech root@android:/ #

    Don't blame you. Too long to wait with a potential hardware failure in the works and a warranty about to expire.

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