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  1. EdwaaardV

    EdwaaardV New Member

    Well a installed my phone skin the other day & it came out lookin' like this.
    ^^ Drew some white arrrows pointing to them.
    Those are not water marks but scratches within the skin protector on the sticky side. Anyone know if these will do away =/. Or how to get them out?

  2. mwl1119

    mwl1119 Well-Known Member

    Why but a skin for a $10 battery cover is my question.............
  3. jedifarfy

    jedifarfy Member

    Are they scratches on the phone or the skin itself? If it's the skin, it just wasn't well printed. I'd email who you got it from and ask for a new one with a clear picture of each scratch on the skin. Who did you get it from by chance? I was considering one since my favorite skin site (Gelaskin) doesn't do any for the slide. :(

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