phone started to viberate last night after a phone call?? WhySupport

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  1. jnordwell

    jnordwell New Member

    So I am new to the world of smart phones. I have had this comando for a few months and like the phone. But last night after a phone call the phone started to viberate and wouldn't stop until I shut it down and removed the battery. Anyone else have this issue if so was there a bigger problem with the phone?? Should I be worried? thanks

  2. KungPaoDog

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  3. olbriar

    olbriar Moderator Moderator

    Sometimes a phone will need to completely refresh which a hard reboot will accomplish. Removing the battery for a few and the returning it and power up will often clean up little problems. I've not read that your problem is common. It's quite likely cured by your battery removal.
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