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  1. amuroray

    amuroray New Member

    Hi all,

    i having problem with my galaxy spica. i tried to install 2.1 update but found it buggy so restore back to 1.5 but after install back 1.5 my phone storage become 0 mb, i try to reset factory it reach the point where the phone restarted and stop at exclamation mark with a phone. Please anybody help..!!

  2. amuroray

    amuroray New Member

    anybody? help..??
  3. shamsud

    shamsud Member

  4. Gatak

    Gatak Well-Known Member

    Follow the guide from LeshaK: How to get Root on Samsung i5700 [EN] (02/10 - v.LK10)

  5. windeor

    windeor New Member

    Hi there,
    I am having the same issue of 0 mb phone memory. Unlike your case I wasn't even trying to upgrade/downgrade. From last few days I was getting "android.process.acore has stopped unexpectedly " and I have to force close it. After closing , the phone seems to be come unstable and unresponsive.

    Now I am not able to install any application due to 0 mb problem, as well as each application run gives some sort of process unexepectedly stopped and force close error.

    Was your problem solved ?
    Is my internal card corrupted ?
    Shall I upgrade to firmware or next version ?

    Please guide me to the solution...

    Thanks in advance !
  6. Gatak

    Gatak Well-Known Member

    Sounds like a corrupt filesystem to me. Perhaps a factory restore would work? Perhaps try LeshaK's guide that I linked to?
  7. windeor

    windeor New Member

    Factory restore worked. Got the memory back :) !
  8. Unetwork

    Unetwork Member

    i did the factory reset but still the same trouble
    also flashing is not working
  9. Unetwork

    Unetwork Member

    no one?

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