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  1. binaryboy

    binaryboy Member

    I now get the message "Phone Storage Is full- Delete some files to free space" yet there is 20MB available and I can't now send text messages!

    I have deleted a lot of texts which now only amount to 150K and moved ALL the apps able to be moved to my SD 4GB card and also checked/deleted caches which are all now 0K!

    The total space used by my apps on the phone is 199MB and I need to be able use ALL of these apps.

    So, it seems I have to find out how to:-

    1. Disable this "Phone Storage Is full" message as it's not full.
    2. Utilise the SD card free space (3.6GB) as the default destination for data that is stored in the phone ie: contacts, texts etc.
    3. Make more space available on the internal memory so as I can use the phone properly and be able to text again?

    And solutions, suggestions or workarounds gratefully accepted.



  2. obsidianwings

    obsidianwings Well-Known Member

  3. binaryboy

    binaryboy Member

    No, it's stock standard and has just been upgraded from 2.2 to 2.3.3.

    Is "Rooting" the only solution to this problem?

    Isn't there any other way to make the SD card the default storage area for apps, texts, contacts etc used on the phone?

    The 180MB (200MB minus 20MB) in the phone would seem to be just not enough if you have more than a few apps, texts and contacts!
  4. obsidianwings

    obsidianwings Well-Known Member

    I think rooting is the only solution, its one of the main reasons I rooted, hopefully someone will be able to come along and tell you otherwise though.
    Obviously there are some apps that can be moved to SD anyway, which I assume you have done, but once I rooted I freed up some space by getting rid of unwanted stock apps, and also some more apps were able to be pushed to SD using titatanium backup, but I think I am at the point where I need to partition the SD card now as I only have 19mb or system storage left again.
  5. binaryboy

    binaryboy Member

    What method did you follow to root your P500 and were there any issues or problems?

    How much space were you able to free up on the standard internal storage? If you can move most of the apps, texts, contacts etc to the SD card why would you only then have 19MB left? Wouldn't you just be limited by the size of the SD card be it 4, 6, 8GB or more?
  6. obsidianwings

    obsidianwings Well-Known Member

    I used superoneclick. Check out the thread I linked to earlier, I posted that before I rooted and throughout the process of rooting so hopefully there would be some stuff in there thats helpful to you, and check out the stickys in the root section of the forum as well. I ran into some small difficulties when I was first trying to figure out what program to use etc, but no issues with phone function or anything.

    When I first rooted I went from about 20mb left to about 100mb. Most apps I could push over to my SD card, although I suspect some info and such was left on the phone from them, and I had to leave some apps on the phone so I could use them as widgets. I think my contacts and texts were still stored on my phone as my SMS app was still on my phone. I gradually went back down to 19mb as more apps were installed, even though they were mostly on the SD card I think there must be some parts of apps that must be stored on the phone (or partitioned sd card) still.
    I ended up partitioning my sd card yesterday and am now back up to 136mb storage as I guess my widget apps that look like they are on the phone are now on there, and also I put the dalvik cache on there (to be honest I don't quite know what that means, but it was obviously taking up quite a bit of space on my phone, and thats what various websites suggested to do.
    Looks like some people on other forums ended up with even more space left on internal memory, but I am not sure how. If I find out I will do it and let you know.
    By the sounds of it one of the main things when partitioning the card, especially if you are going to put the dalvik cache on it. I had a class 10, but I think at least a class 6 is suggested.
  7. Wazza66

    Wazza66 Active Member

    I used to have a LG 500 and it did the same on me....I found i needed to go into the All apps i think it was and open the internet browser and delete the data...Sorted it out for me and gave me a lot of space back...But it builds up again in time so you need to keep an eye on it and delete it again.....Facebook builds up aswell so i used to do the same with that....Then just log in to Facebook again after and your ok.....Worked for me..........Everytime it said low storage and i couldnt send or receive messages i did what i said and it worked...

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