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  1. OUScooby

    OUScooby Well-Known Member

    Today I plugged my phone into my car stereo to listen to pandora. When I unplugged it the headphone icon turned into a headset icon. I have no headset and now it's stuck in headset mode. I cannot hear anyone who calls me, or talk to them. I did a quick search for this problem and found some response that suggested it had to do with the hearing aid function in call setting, but when I went into call setting, the hearing aid option was turned off. I've tried powering down and restarting but that did nothing. Please Help!

    I'm running a rooted version of 2.1, i don't remember which one but it based on the last leaked version of 2.1.

  2. LED

    LED Well-Known Member

    This happens to me sometimes. Just plug headphones in for a second, then remove it. This should correct the situation.
  3. dragonbro

    dragonbro Well-Known Member

    Pull Battery, wait, reinstall battery. See if that helps.
  4. OUScooby

    OUScooby Well-Known Member

    I've tried pulling the battery, no luck. Plugging headphones in and unplugging them does nothing either.
  5. xx_bishop_xx

    xx_bishop_xx Well-Known Member

    I don't know if this applies, but I had a co-worker here that had this same issue. It turned out that lint/debris of some sort had gotten pressed into the jack pretty well from being in his pocket. A carefully inserted paper clip, and some compressed air did the trick.

    *Edit* I'm resonably sure a factory reset would help this (seeing as though the battery pull didnt), as a last resort of course. Is this the first time you have used the headset jack/option? Perhaps a damaged jack?
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  6. OUScooby

    OUScooby Well-Known Member

    I don't have a can of compressed air. I'm in a hotel right now, I can't even seem to find a paperclip around me right now, LOL. I'll try is when I can, in the mean time, any more suggestions?
  7. xx_bishop_xx

    xx_bishop_xx Well-Known Member

    Can you see anything in the jack? First time using it?
  8. OUScooby

    OUScooby Well-Known Member

    Can't see anything in the jack, it looks clean. No this isn't my first time using it, I play pandora through my car stereo all the time using the headphone jack as well as using it for hands free calling through the stereo when in the car, this just randomly happened yesterday.
  9. rick311

    rick311 Well-Known Member

    this would happen with my old phone. i would have to put the headphones back in and SLOWLY remove it from the jack. i would have to do this a few times before it took.
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  10. OUScooby

    OUScooby Well-Known Member

    I've been trying this for the last several minutes. I've tried everything from pulling it out as slowly as possible to as quickly as possible, no luck. :(
  11. This same thing just happened to me and pulling the headphone jack out slowly worked.
  12. OUScooby

    OUScooby Well-Known Member

    I've been trying that. I'm pulling it out as slowly as i possibly can, it's not working.
  13. Hiroshika

    Hiroshika Well-Known Member

    Looks like factory reset may be in order... Or a nandroid backup? Since your rooted?
  14. OUScooby

    OUScooby Well-Known Member

    I'm starting to think it's a hardware problem, not a software issue. I going to go to verizon and get a replacement, maybe even complain my way to an upgrade. I've got to unroot first, having trouble figuring out how to do that.
  15. suffocater

    suffocater Member

    same thing, this headset icon annoys me
  16. Mamfi

    Mamfi New Member

    Hi! I had the same problem and it REALLY annoyed me. After reading this thread iI stuck a steel wire and played it around for a bit. Then I blew in it and hooked a jack in, and when I removed it the headphone icon went away :)
  17. maxtic

    maxtic New Member

    My HTC is away show icon headphone and it can't talk. I found solution for fix it call app in market "HTC Headphone Fix"

    If your HTC the headphones and mic icon showed up onscreen and can't turn it off...even though nothing's plugged. Your HTC it stuck headset icon.
    So you can't talk with normal mic on your phone , Only use with smalltalk. This widget can fixes problems with the 3.5mm headphone/headset fix jack HTC on android
    - Fix HTC the headphone jack that now it thinks there is headphone plugged in at all times
    - Automatic fix HTC to default mic/speaker phone output
    - Allows manual or automatic toggle of the headphones connector output. So you can manual routing to the headphones output
    After installing, press Menu button at the home screen, then add "HeadSet Fix" to widget

    Now my HTC is normal talk ,No cost fixed , I happy with this app.
  18. saminbama

    saminbama Active Member

    I have Galaxy S 1st gen (Sprint Epic 4g).
  19. the majestic

    the majestic New Member

    that trick worked on my wifes phone thanks man
  20. Stave Rich

    Stave Rich New Member

    htc sensation headphone icon stuck on
  21. MLH711

    MLH711 New Member

    I had the problem of "stuck in headset mode" used a blow dryer on the phone for 30-45 seconds....problem solved....
  22. oluwagbayi

    oluwagbayi New Member

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  23. remusvisan

    remusvisan New Member

    had the same problem, I stuck a toothpick in the jack really hard, pulled the tooth pick out and problem solved:)
  24. tomikagonzalez

    tomikagonzalez New Member

    Thank u so much.... Pulling it out slow worked.
  25. Trenarenea

    Trenarenea New Member

    I had the EXACT same issue as OUScooby; I tried in and out slowly, didn't want to stick anything in it...eventually I blew in it and it was fine.

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