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  1. Voytec

    Voytec New Member

    My EVO got stuck in endless loop of reboot... Power goes off and normal booting starts up and lasts fro about 25 sec past Sprint flying yellow screens... than it powers off again.

    Any options to recover from boot menu ( short of Factory reset) didn't work.

    Now... the PROBLEM is that I have really valuable for me data , texts and images trapped now in the onboard memory chip ... I would LOVE to recover them before nuking the phone...

    So I believe that the phone searches actually SD card first - using and analogy to old PC systems I would love to boot the phone using some even primitive OS and get access and transfer the files sitting on one of the phone memory partitions.

    Any hints what can I do?

  2. ocnbrze

    ocnbrze DON'T PANIC!!!!!!!!! Moderator

    welcome to the forums!!!!!!!!!

    sorry to hear this. do you know what you did to make the phone this way? are you rooted?
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  3. dave4

    dave4 Member


    I'm sorry you got that problem. I also had the same problem a few weeks ago. Went to turn on the WI-FI, screen froze, and started the reboot cycle. Before I did the hard reset, I tired each different setting that you get when pressing the volume down and lock button. Nothing helped. So I had to do the hard reset. Luckily I had a MyBackup saved from august which helped me to save half of my stuff.

    So I'm not sure that there is a solution other than hard reset. :( (hard reset doesn't wipe off the memory card) Good luck!!
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  4. Granite1

    Granite1 Zercron Encrusted Tweezer Moderator

    Doing a factory reset won't wipe the SD card partition in the phone. Your pictures won't be lost, unfortunately the texts will be if you can't get the phone booted.

    Tell you what, lets give something a try if you're willing. :)

    Hold the power button down until the phone shuts down. Now be really quick and hold the volume down button before the phone reboots. See if it'll boot into Hboot, this is a white screen with a bunch of text at the top and Andy riding a skateboard on the bottom.

    Now you'll see a menu with the top choice highlighted, use the volume down button to highlight the "Recovery" option.
    Press the power button to select.
    See if it'll boot into the recovery. You should get a black screen with a exclmation point and a red triangle in the center.

    Now hold both the volume up and down buttons and the power button all at the same time. A new screen with menu's should appear.
    once again use the volume buttons to select "Clear Cache"
    Press the power button to perform the wipe.

    After that completes, select "reboot"

    See if that will allow you to boot up. :)
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  5. emerilnut

    emerilnut Well-Known Member

    I hope that works for the guy. I got into one of those boot loops a few weeks ago, and the only way I knew to get out of it was factory reset when I got into Hboot.

    I didn't have any access to a thread like this at the time.

    I was unrooted at the time, and I was rebooting because my phone's network access got a little flaky. Gmail wasn't updating and I couldn't browse to anything. I just did a simple restart.

    Now I'm rooted but still on the stock ROM. But it's good to have Titanium and Nandroid now in case it happens again.
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  6. Rose4uKy

    Rose4uKy Well-Known Member

    My phone did the same thing 3 weeks ago wouldn't boot up to home screen and over and over again it rebooted in a loop. I hard reset then one day at work turning on wifi it froze went black and did the same thing. Sprint ran a diagnostics and ordered me another phone. Then I was out of town and 2 weeks into this phone it just went dead screen went black wouldn't power on or charge. I was in the middle of a phone call. Luckily a nice store gave me a brand new phone in the box cause I had a 5 hour drive home.

    I got home on Monday and everything was great then starting this past Thursday I can't send or recieve text nothing. Everything else works fine. I keep getting message not sent over and over and I'm not receiving wither. Sprint tech support did several things nothing worked. They said I probably need to hard reset which I don't want to do but will if I have too. I finally got my new phone set back up the way I want it. They also said a store can run a diagnostics problem but it's not network cause the guy I go out with his works and mine doesn't. It sucks!

  7. Granite1

    Granite1 Zercron Encrusted Tweezer Moderator

    Try and do a PRL update, then do a data profile update, see if that helps.

    Sometimes, I also turn on airplane mode, let it sit for a minute, then turn airplane mode off. It gives me a better connection to 3G. :)
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  8. Rose4uKy

    Rose4uKy Well-Known Member

    Thanks but out of the blue last night around 9PM I sent a test text to my self and now everything is good. I lost text from Thurs through last night but that's ok. I was scared I was going to have to Hard Reset. I did do a Profile and PRL update and Sprint had me go under my dialer and do stuff and they sent me system updates. But it's all good now so I am glad. Thanks!

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  9. Bikegeek

    Bikegeek Well-Known Member

    Same issue here. Seems that when I leave or go into an area with WiFi the phone reboots. At times it gets stuck in the boot loop. I've have Sprint replace one phone but the new phone has done (is doing) the same thing. I'm on the phone with HTC working on this. When (if) I get any info I'll post it.
  10. Bikegeek

    Bikegeek Well-Known Member

    After a lengthy phone session I'm told that having both the mobile network and WiFi on at the same time is not necessary and to turn one off and see if the issue goes away........

    It seems the phone gets confused on what (who) to connect to and reboots. I've had multiple reboots when leaving and returning to my house and losing the WiFi and switching over to 3g.

    Tech said that they (HTC) are working on an update that may address this issue - no time frame for release of said update.
  11. Rose4uKy

    Rose4uKy Well-Known Member

    My reboot loop happened out of the blue then after a hard reset and some apps put back on the phone. I got to work and was putting on Wifi and turning off 3G then all of a sudden it said wifi disconnected and phone went off and I turned it back on and it happened again. I thought an app was causing it. I always turned off 3G when turning on wifi. The guy I go out with said it doesn't matter the phone knows which one to use when and he leaves his on. It will be on and not connected but I like turning my 3G off when on wifi and turning off wifi when not on wifi.

    Sprint ran a diagnostics and did ordered me another phone which completely died after about 2 weeks.They said the warehouse didn't have any refurbs I got a new one but I don't think I did. My screen went black wouldn't power on or charge or do anything. I was in the middle of a call.

    I was on vacation and a store gave me a brand new phone cause I had a 5 hour drive home. So far my phone is good. I couldn't text from Thurs to Sun and was going to hard reset this brand new phone but then all of a sudden they started working. Must of been a network issue I don't know. But I never had any problems with any of my other EVO's and I still love HTC and my EVO. Just waiting for LTE now.

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