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General Phone stuck while upgrading firmware

  1. OM2

    OM2 Well-Known Member

    My Samsung Galaxy S2: I've been trying to connect to he damn Kies program to upgrade to ICS

    The phone just was't recognised :(
    Today I connected for the 100th time and guess what!!!?
    The laptop saw the phone

    Yipee. Problem: it kept on disconnecting every 30 seconds - 2+ minutes

    Anyway... I got a message saying there was a firmware upgrade
    I clicked yes to upgrade

    Along the way the damn phone kept on disconnecting
    When I plugged out and then in again it would resume

    Massive problem now: it's now stuck in a screen that I can't get out of
    All I can see is a picture of a mobile icon and a PC and dotted line, in the middle of which there is an orange triangle

    The Kies software reported a problem while trying to upgrade and said I needed to do an emergency recovery

    I've tried doing an emergency recovery 20 times now - no luck

    What do I do? :(




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