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  1. MysterioMask

    MysterioMask New Member

    I barely used my phone today, it updated last night fine with no issues and it ran perfectly fine all day. it was sitting on my desk i havnt used it in about 2 hours. When all of a sudden it started yelling droid at me, over and over again. So i pulled the battery out and put it back in still doing the same thing. It gets to the main view and loadout fine, everything works. And i started playing angry birds for about 20 minutes and everything was fine, BUT whenever im not using the phone, and turn off the screen or let it sit for a couple minutes, it restarts itself, and continues to do so over and over again about every 3-5 minutes.

    Can anyone help me with this?

  2. damewolf13

    damewolf13 live~laugh~love VIP Member

    My husband had this same thing happen after he updated his Incredible a few days ago. Something about that update doesn't play well with certain apps that push ads to the phone.
    Go into the Google Play Store and download the app called Airpush Detector. Once that is installed, run it. It will identify any apps that are pushing out ads. Once those troublesome apps are identified, click on them and you will be prompted to uninstall them. After my husband uninstalled those apps, his Incredible works like new again. Good Luck!:)
  3. MysterioMask

    MysterioMask New Member

    I used the airpush thing and removed only one app which it said had it. It didnt fix the problem so i thought maybe the 2 apps which were putting things up in my quicklaunch whatever its called drop down thing, so i removed weatherbug and battery indicator and that didnt fix it either.

    Are there any other suggestions?
  4. Defectuous

    Defectuous New Member

    Same issue,
    Steps I have taken to fix this.
    used the air push detector, Nothing
    frustrated with this i said screw it and factory reset it. ( software )
    this seemed to work, but after a while it started up again.

    I went and did a full factory reset, had to reprogram the phone ( sucks to be me lol )

    I then went ahead and installed my usual software and then at 2:30AM it started up again.

    thinking of anything that might be of issue, I realized I use LauncherPro ( paid version )

    I decided to remove it and so far since then it hasn't done anything

    Other app currently installed
    Amazon Store
    Amazon MP3

    I'll keep slowly removing these apps until i am stock rom again. if i keep getting this issue then i'll make verizion understand how much of a pain in ars i can be about things i like that are not broken and don't need fixed.
  5. IICybershotII

    IICybershotII Well-Known Member

    There was a thread over on another forum about this. Everyone's phone was resetting in the middle of the night after the newest update. Apparently the phone is trying to do more updates and it resets over and over again during this time. Put it in another room for the night and just let it do it's thing.
  6. today

    today Well-Known Member

    It's a memory Optimization program sequence. It's recommended that you put the phone in silent mode and let it happen until it's done. Might take a few days. It works between 2am and 6am.
  7. damewolf13

    damewolf13 live~laugh~love VIP Member

    Other than the suggestions posted here, I think that pretty much covers everything.
    Sorry it is still giving you trouble.:(
  8. MysterioMask

    MysterioMask New Member

    Well I just pulled the battery last night and left it till the morning when i plugged it in i didnt have any problems and it never attempted to update since then.
  9. Pb_shutr

    Pb_shutr Member

    the first night i let it reboot over and over and let it "run its course." second night no reboots. third night same reboot crap. turned phone off, in the morning it started all the reboot crap again.
    will this ever stop. why can't verizon tell you what will occur such as memory optimization? what if I needed to dial 911? Is there no responsibility from verizon here? I must leave my phone on at night.
  10. sixtyfour

    sixtyfour Active Member

    I went through the same thing a few days ago. I suspected a problem with my SD card so I pulled that and just went back to sleep. The phone didn't reboot itself again even after reinserting the card the next morning. It's been good for several days now.

    A long shot but it might be worth a try for those still having problems.
  11. NewPepper

    NewPepper Well-Known Member

  12. romy134

    romy134 Well-Known Member

    I also had this problem with the phone resetting at 2 am...I dunno what I was up at 2 but w/e.. called tech support and they sent me out a dinc2. But the dinc2 was also diffective so they sending me out another dinc2 1st dinc2 was brand new,with SD card charger .
  13. smackboy1

    smackboy1 Active Member

    I received the push update 9 days ago. The phone started loop rebooting that night at around 2 am. It stopped after a few days but resumed again last night.

    I found that I could stop the rebooting by removing the SD card. I backed up all the SD card files and folders then deleted all the files and folders on the SD card until I can figure which one will eliminate the 2 am reboots. Hopefully this will help somebody until we figure out the real cause.
  14. lanemeyer

    lanemeyer New Member

    Both my parents started experiencing the rebooting issue after the update and my father complained to Verizon Technical support yesterday. Verizon said the update came directly from HTC so they transferred him to a tech at HTC who was able to fix both of their phones in a few minutes. My father didn't recall the exact procedure so I wouldn't try it yourself but the HTC tech did have them go into Hboot and restored something from there. It appears that he did NOT do a hard reset because all of their apps and data were intact after he was finished. I would suggest anyone with the problem call Verizon and have them transfer you to an HTC tech.
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