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  1. aniketkulkarni

    aniketkulkarni New Member

    I got my SG II yesterday. It worked perfectly for one day. . I installed some apps and games from android market. . I switched off phone today and tried restarting it. . It started but when screen timer ran out, it refused to start again . . I need to remove battery and restart it again . . but same thing happens once screen timer runs out. .

    But, when I remove smart (sim) card, it works perfectly. . what could be the problem? any suggestions ?

    Thanks !

  2. kidsavior

    kidsavior Well-Known Member

    You might try a factory reset. its a pain, but you may have installed an app that is having issues. Thats where I would start at least.
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  3. aniketkulkarni

    aniketkulkarni New Member

    factory reset solved d problem... Thanks!

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