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Phone thinks its charging every half second.Support

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  1. VarsityPuppet

    VarsityPuppet Member

    Hey guys, my phone thinks its charging every other second.

    The battery icon switches from charging to normals about every half second, and the notiffication light keeps blinking.

    Its more annoying than anything right now, but I hope this doesn't cause problems in the future.

    I've already tried cwm and battery pulling. It only stops if I plug it in momentarily and then unplug it.

    I've got a rooted TU, running inerdpth's StarScrom.

    Any help appreciated.

  2. mydian

    mydian Well-Known Member

    That's weird. Try running the battery all the way dead.
  3. VarsityPuppet

    VarsityPuppet Member

    Did that. Seems things are going okay so far.
  4. jdogrambo

    jdogrambo Well-Known Member Developer

    mine did that and I flashed stock rom and it stoped
  5. patio54

    patio54 Member

    Try removing and re-inserting the SD card
  6. ChoDroid

    ChoDroid Well-Known Member

    Mine was doing the same. I was at a hotel last week and though I messed up the internal connection and finally flashed a backup hoping it was a software and not hardware issue. No problems since.
  7. kslaybaby

    kslaybaby New Member

    My phone has now all of a sudden started the charger connect chirp with blinking battery icon with full charge but its not on the charger can this be fixed I don't want this to be a constant issue someone please help!
  8. michaelhz

    michaelhz New Member

    Mine has done the same for a few consecutive days near the end of April and then the end of May. At this time I am not experiencing the problem.

    One suggestion is to run the phone's battery completely down, then recharge the phone fully before turning it on. You can find an app at Google Play called "Juice Offender" which can help discharge the battery quickly.

    Another thing is to NOT charge the device with a charge cable other than the one that came with the phone. I don't know why this is an issue, but I used a different charger before my phone started acting up... and since I have been using the Samsung charger exclusively, it is working fine.

    I can't say for sure that the issue is fixed ... every time I unplug the charger I keep thinking it's going to start again.

    Good luck!!
  9. Madroxide

    Madroxide Well-Known Member

    Mine did this also for a bit, I ran the battery down a few times and it stopped doing it. But now I seem to be having a problem with the phone not reconizing that the charger is plugged in. The port is not loose. If its plugged into my wall charger it doesn't work, but if I plug it into an USB port it charges. and I have tried different wall chargers. Any ideas?
  10. kslaybaby

    kslaybaby New Member

    I ran the battery all the way dead but ill try too leave it off until its fully charged it has done this like 9 times today I have used 3 different chargers & no problems until now its very random & makes me want to spike the p:eek:hone I haven't even had it 6 full months grrrr ...thx
  11. Rarewolf

    Rarewolf Well-Known Member

    seems this phone does this.. i think it might be samsungs fault. my sister has this problem on hers. im a prevailer. so im a long way from home. XD
    few questions.
    does removing SD card help?
    i wouldnt think so.
    i had her run the battery completely down.
    and recharge a few times before.
    didnt work.
    and has anyone got a simple fix for this?
  12. michaelhz

    michaelhz New Member

    I haven't experienced the problem again since I've been exclusively using the Samsung charger that came with my phone. That's the only thing I can pinpoint as the resolution.
  13. gsgitu

    gsgitu New Member

    had this problem back in may with my wifes phone on vacation. tried all the responses i could find in here, letting it die, rooting it, doing some multi button start up, all to no avail. so, i figured it had to be hardware. i looked in the charging port and it just looked like the pins were possibly making some kind of contact. so i stuck a small screw driver under the tab that is inside the charging port and pushed "up" towards the screen as far as i thought i could with out breaking it off and what do you know. not a single problem since.
    that's just my story, hope it can help some one cause that is a real annoying issue
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  14. gkak

    gkak Well-Known Member

    be careful... completed wrecked the port on my prevail by doing that
  15. CafeKampuchia

    CafeKampuchia Well-Known Member

    Merged threads on same topic. Thanks for your understanding ;)
  16. casperischinky

    casperischinky Well-Known Member

    I currently have a Samsung Transform Ultra as well and it ..has been doing this for the last 2 weeks, at first the notification light was blinking and the phone was telling me that it was charging. Then it stopped after about a week of irritating blinking and beeping, it stopped for the last couple of weeks without no issues until today this time the light just stays on with no beeping noise and the phone thinks it's charging so I'm like wtf lol,I did all these things posted in this thread and no dice any ideas anyone?
    Wtf the damn thing just started its beeping and flashing again GRRRRRRR I swear I'm about to spike this phone like I scored a TD!!
  17. trdtan

    trdtan Well-Known Member

    Mine started doing this about 2 weeks ago as well. I just checked "charging" and "remember this choice" when the choice of "charging" or "mass storage" comes up. It's still annoying but manageable. It goes away every now and again then comes back.
  18. mrryanthai

    mrryanthai Well-Known Member

    Is this while using a car charger or AC adapter?Try switching to other USB cables.That's what my girlfriend did and she doesn't have that problem anymore.Any of you guys having issues with freezing or random shutoffs with the phone?Cause I'm trying to find a solution to my gf's phone issues.it freezes,random restarts..etc.If you guys can help me out,that would be great,thanks!
  19. JonDouglas

    JonDouglas New Member

    So now my phone has done this to me twice. Both times a common factor was water/humidity. The first time i was changing wiper blades in the rain, might have got some water in the charge port. Started the charge cycle an hour later. Last night it was storming real good and it's humid as all get out. No possible direct rain in the port though. Running a rooted Boost TU. Last night blowing into the charging port like an old NES cartridge stopped the cycle for a minute, but it came back, kept on after i unplugged it this morning too. Power down, battery out for a few and its all quiet again. Also to note, never happened before i installed the GoLauncher. I figure if it was the launcher this would be a much bigger thread, so maybe just coincidence... Unless of course the rest of you with this issue are running GoLauncher as well?
  20. mwjw696

    mwjw696 Member

    Mine and my wifes where doing the same thing a couple weeks back. I was able to fix both phones by taking a tooth pick and cleaning the charging ports. I have never had a problem since.
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  21. j61101

    j61101 Well-Known Member

    After having this happen to me, I tried flashing. that didn't work. So the only thing that kept it from being obnoxious was to keep it plugged in. Well clearly that doesn't work of you need to use the phone away from a charging source. So, I grabbed my car charger and plugged it in without it being connected to a power source. Walah! It stopped finally the silence was golden! So it turns out that it was probably just shorting the circuit and so it (the circuit) needed to be terminated (similar to how some connections must not have any open connections). So this was my temporary fix till I could get m my phone back to best buy for a replacement. Btw buying the one year protection plan was the best thing that I have ever done with a piece of technology. I've exchanged my broken phone five times with no cost to me :)
  22. Mittar

    Mittar Well-Known Member

    I was having this issue with my VZW Galaxy Nexus, and after reading this thread I took some canned air and sticky note to the usb port. Seems to have fixed the issue :)
  23. dramroo

    dramroo New Member

    same problem:mad:
  24. zedekiah21

    zedekiah21 New Member

    Thanks to mwjw696 for the idea. It fixed it right away for me. I was running a pressure washer when it started charging every half second. It acts up again every now and then but I have a toothpick ready to sodomize it when it misbehaves. I'm going to try alcohol with cotton on the end of it for a more thorough cleaning.
  25. agent1

    agent1 New Member

    Slightly bending up the tab in the charge port worked for me. Thanks

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