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Phone thinks its plugged into a computer when its not?Support

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  1. nofronts

    nofronts Member

    Now and again after i remove my phone from the USB cord on my computer it still thinks that its plugged in. What happens is the screen that shows the android guy and says press to connect USB. if i just hit home and ignore it it just keeps popping back up. The only way i can get rid of it and get the phone back to normal is to do a battery pull. The battery pull fixes it but usually it happens in the next day or two. Any one know why the phone is confused and if there is an update to fix this?

  2. BigCiX

    BigCiX Well-Known Member

    Are u just pulling the cord out rather then dismounting your USB cord. Try pulling down the notification bar and then turning off your USB connection.
  3. Gilmour

    Gilmour Active Member

    yeah my phone sometimes acts the same way when trying to charge it! Did once today but i didn't remove the battery just pulled the cord and let it set for 15 seconds then plugged it again problem went away
  4. nofronts

    nofronts Member

    IT is happening with the USB charger not with the actually USB computer cable, What is happening is that the phone will be on the charger then when i remove it it still thinks the USB is plugged in then keeps prompting me to connect to mass storage. Do i need to pull down the notification bar and turn off USB connection for charging? I thought that i only have to do that when its in the computer.
  5. hanseric

    hanseric Member

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