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  1. IX 7 III

    IX 7 III Member

    Is it possible to display what comes up on my screen to show up on the TV?

    I was told this was possible, hopefully you guys could tell me how its done.

    Thanx in advance

  2. sberger

    sberger Member

    Assuming your tv has an HDMI connection jack use it to connect to the HDMI connection on top of the Maxx.
  3. Bodycount

    Bodycount Well-Known Member

    When you plug in the hdmi cable to the phone and to the TV, it will automatically come up with a prompt with some options. Choose mirror mode and then whatever is shown on your phone will be shown on your TV.
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  4. IX 7 III

    IX 7 III Member

    (mind officially blown)

    Whoa...I didn't think that was cool.

    Thanx guys
  5. 330D

    330D From My Cold Dead Hands VIP Member

    LOL, I watched "The Fighter" from my phone connected to hdmi of my TV on Netflix. Over 3G. The quality wasn't great, but how can I argue with free streaming movies? (My mind was officially blown as well ;))
  6. smurfe

    smurfe Well-Known Member

    Sweetness! Cable order here I come. I was under the impression it worked like the Droid X where the only thing that would stream on the tv was video taken with camera. We tried Netfix with that one and never worked

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