Phone Turns Itself Off and On - What To Do?

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  1. CallMeOtter

    CallMeOtter Member

    Well this forum is my last ditch effort before dumping Android altogether as Ive had nightmare after nightmare and no support. Ive had a mid-level Samsung Exhibit II with Tmobile for almost 2 months. Ive had major problems from day one. The most significant of which is the phone freezes daily and it also will turn itself on and off randomly. Sometimes this has happened when the phone isn't in use - it literally will start powering off and on at 3am while sitting on the nightstand. More often, it happens when the screen freezes (just by swiping home screens or something innocent like that) and then I have to take the battery out and then it just starts turning off and on - often for hours and nothing seems to stop it. Now Im not a tech person and from reading stuff online, Im not sure if this is the same as power cycling or boot looping.

    Ive reset the phone numerous times and wasted dozens of hours on this already and its driving me crazy. Its a daily occurrence at minimum. Ive sent it in for repair but Samsung won't tell me what they did or what they found. They just said they replaced a component and they don't let customers talk to technicians. Tmobile told me if I wasn't happy, I should switch carriers.

    Now I don't know if this is the phone.. if its Android...if its an app causing it. If its the phone just not powerful enough...or what? I don't want to have a phone with no apps cuz then whats the point of having an Android phone and thats the only response I get.

    Does anyone know what I can do? Does this sound familiar to anyone? Is this normal with Android or is this just a crappy phone and this wouldn't happen with a higher quality Android phone? Im really lost at what else to do and Im about to shoot myself. Its causing so much stress and Ive got health needs and don't have a landline so this is my only phone. Do I have to reset it yet again and use it only as a feature phone because thats whats been recommended. My gut is telling me its not an app causing this (Ive only downloaded from Android market and only well reviewed popular apps)...It feels like its an overall phone or operating its not strong enough and then it seems to get stuck in this loop of off/on and never fully loading...but I don't know what to do. Just in the last 24 hours, its happened twice and tonight it was going off/on for an hour solid (and this is AFTER a repair)...

    I need someone to help...Its really soured me on Android (esp when I add the problems Ive had with Android Market - Google actually just admits them and sends me a link to 'known issues in android market' and my email getting hacked within a week of using android).

    So please hopefully someone knowledgable will be able to diagnose this and tell me what it is. Some have said its a battery issue? I don't know but am about to give up on Android entirely since no one at Google, Samsung or Tmobile will help.

  2. landovr

    landovr Well-Known Member

    Honestly I think you just got a bad phone. Are you on a contract for this phone?
  3. CallMeOtter

    CallMeOtter Member

    Im not on a contract. The phone was provided to me by the VP of Tmobile /Head of Prepaid to make up for poor customer service. Ive been dealing with this since the beg. of November & can't get any support. (Ive tried emailing him and he ignores me or sends me to a customer rep (LT Gooden) who says 'leave the carrier if you're not happy") SamsungSupport Twitter has promised to contact me for 7 weeks and hasn't. Sent phone in for repair but they won't tell me what was wrong or what they 'fixed'. I think its a bum phone too as i can't find anything online with this same issue/complaint. But it keeps happening. DAILY.

    The main problem is this turning off on thing. The screen freezes multiple times a day - then i Have to restart the phone and for example, this morning it was turning off and on for FOUR HOURS. Also the battery doesnt hold a charge- Goes from 100-30% overnight WITH NO DATA OR WIFI! I can't imagine then using the phone during the day with a data - It would die by mid -afternoon if you actually used it. Im not using any strange apps. Ive tried deleting any widgets. I just desperately want someone at Android /Google or Samsung or Tmobile to help. Everyone agrees its not normal but no one will replace it. I know this handset is not the top of the line Android but its unusable. A phone shouldn't freeze constantly - and if it does - it should be able to just power on - not go off.on for HOURS. Since I posted this, its done it 2 more times. Also in the middle of the night, it will unexpectedly turn off and on & wake me up with the media sound. I have no idea what is going on but am so frustrated that no one at Samsung or Android will help. Samsungs only answer is to not use apps. Ive reset this so many times that its now a full-time job...and the 'repair' did nothing --- and I don't understand why they won't tell me what they did or found --unless they didn't do anything....I sent them the phone 'as is' so if there was something wrong, they could figure it out. Im gonna have to switch to an iPhone because no one at Google/Android, Samsung or Tmobile will help me.
  4. jerofld

    jerofld Fixing stuff is not easy VIP Member

    I would completely wipe the device (factory reset) and try it for a day with absolutely no download apps on it. If it's fine, then slowly add back 3 or 4 of your normal apps, do nothing for a day. Repeat until you either find what's locking up your phone.

    Or simply remove apps that are questionable. Facebook is fine, Angry Birds is fine, that odd app you got yesterday because it came up in a related search...maybe not fine.

    Or take it back and say it keeps locking up and ask for a replacement. It may actually be a defective device.
  5. CallMeOtter

    CallMeOtter Member

    I got it from Tmobile VP Mike I cannot take it back to a store. And he won't reply to my emails. Ive been complaining for 2 months and have reset the device and wiped out the SD card multiple times. I don't have any weird apps. Ive got major apps - not some obscure app with 3 downloads. I sent it to Samsung in hopes they'd find out what was wrong. I don't know thats its worth my time at this point to reset it for the 10th time. Its not just the turning on/off which is the deal breaker but regardless it freezes every day - just by touching a home screen - the battery won't hold a charge even WITH NO DATA AND NOT BEING USED...Do you read that? NO DATA, NO WIFI, NOT BEING TOUCHED and its dead in half a day? Makes no sense. Nothing weird shows up when I check "battery usage" - its just the phone and android and nothing weird in 'Running Apps" either except the Samsung Preloaded Apps that I can't delete and never have used (i.e. social hub, media hub). Google provides no support and Samsung won't listen to me. I wanted to give Android a chance but I can't get anyone to help me and have no one to look at the phone. I agree that its probably a bad phone but no one will replace it or look at it. Ive reached out in every way i Know how. Ive emailed everyone from the Pres of Tmobile to Samsung on Twitter- which has promised to contact me for seven weeks and never has. All Samsung says is you shouldn't download any apps and Google via email says we don't support the phones. So I guess the only answer is to abandon Android because I don't want to risk having to go through this yet again with another handset or carrier so the only solution must be to get an iPhone - At least I know thats proven to work and if there a hiccup like this, someone will be there to help. I barely have used the phone. I ha hoped someone on this forum would recognize what could be causing this or if there'd be some error message or some other way to diagnose it. Id love to get a replacement or a different handset. You'd think Tmobile or Samsung would oblige. The irony is that Tmobile VP/Head of Prepaid Mike Katz PERSONALLY sent me the phone to make up for bad customer service and in the end, that phone is going to force me to leave TMobile, which is the only cell phone carrier Ive ever had.
  6. CallMeOtter

    CallMeOtter Member

    Does anyone think that the turning off/on thing could be because the phone IS NOT hooked up to data? I doubt it cuz its happened even when Ive had wifi on...but the plan I have has limited data and then when thats up - it has no data. Could something like that cause that loop of turning off/on? (I havent wanted to 'upgrade' my plan until I know the phone works...but thats the only other thing I could think of.) It still doesnt explain the screen freezing - which then forces me to take the battery out - and start the process...and it doesnt explain the battery drain. I cannot understand how a phone not in use and with no data can lose its battery charge in about six hours. What would the phone be like when its connected to data and used? (While samsung agreed thats not normal - i.e. go to bed with phone fully charged and wake up and its at 30%...the Tmobile ECR told me that I should keep the phone plugged at all times. Now again thats not realistic. Ive read the articles about not having lots of widgets or constant updates and Ive got no widget and it can't be updating cuz Ive got no data. Samsung told me the phone should be at 80% at lowest after those again I don't get whats going on)..>And the frustration is Tmobile blames Samsung...Samsung blames Android/Google...and Google blames its impossible to get any help or support from anyone. Samsung says its an app problem - Google says its a hardware problem and TMobile couldn't care less.
  7. jerofld

    jerofld Fixing stuff is not easy VIP Member

    Sounds like a defective device. So you're going to have to try customer support for a replacement (even if it did get handed to you by the VP) or a different device, because that one isn't working. There's absolutely no reason for a device to drain 70% overnight and randomly restart if you keep to the major apps.
  8. CallMeOtter

    CallMeOtter Member

    Ive tried customer support and even their ECR 'Executive Customer Relations" that claim to represent the "Office of the President" - LT Gooden Told me to 'find another carrier if I wasn't happy." I just don't know what to do cuz I can't get anyone to pay attention to me and people like you are telling me this is SO NOT NORMAL. How can a device drain that quickly with no data connection? Everything I read tells me that it would drain quickly with data constantly updating - like emails, widgets, weather, news, etc. and I have NONE OF THAT! So it just seems like all of this is related. IT also doesnt seem normal for a screen to freeze multiple times a day when you're just swiping a home screen...and the worst thing of all, the phone turning off and on over and over for no reason. How do I get someone at Tmobile to pay attention and do something? Their cust serv say they won't replace it. Yet every person I speak to who knows Android and how lauds Android vs iOS keeps telling me this doesnt sound right. Ive already sent it in for repair but again, they won't even tell me what they repaired if anything. So Tmobile does nothing; Samsung says don't use any apps; and Google says call Samsung. IT really has soured me on Android...but my gut keeps telling me something is wrong. (I don't know if theres any relation but the device which was launched in late October is no longer on Tmobiles website. There also is a report on Tmobile Forums of many people having problems sending texts on this phone - and also a problem Ive had of photo attachments coming across blurry - I don't know if thats a phone or cell company issue but again neither company will take responsibility for it and blames the other). How can I 'take it back"? Ive tried emailing and that doesnt work. They don't seem to care about one customer. Tmobile used to be known for customer service and now they are bleeding customers left and right and if this is how they treat their loyal customers than i know why. Its just so frustrating because nothing I read about Android talks about issues like just seems like something is royally f-d up! But I don't know what else to do. Ive reset this phone so many times already.
  9. CallMeOtter

    CallMeOtter Member

    By any chance, do the owners of this website have any connections with Samsung or Tmobile? I need a 'consumer reporter' or media member to intercede....Thats the only way I can get any results. Ive tried @SamsungSUpport on Twitter and they've promised to contact me since mid-Nov and never did.

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